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Thread: President Trump Delivers Remarks on Opioid Epidemic

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    President Trump Delivers Remarks on Opioid Epidemic

    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    In a not so myopic view of Reagan's War On Drugs...

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    In my opinion. Trump justifiably ties drugs to illegal immigration. 90% of the heroin in this country is coming from Mexico and most of the fentanyl is coming across the Mexican border also. It is my belief that many of the politicos, military and law enforcement people in Mexico are involved in and making a fat living off of the drug trade so there is little incentive to stop it. Mexico has been a a constant problem for decades and if the only way to stop it's pilfering through remittances and illegal drug trade is a big beautiful wall, then it needs to be built ASAP. We are joined to a Narco state but we don't have to give them free access.
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    And that is why deporting only those with a record is wrong; the drug cartels are and will continue to operate. The DEA has an entire map of all known cartels and their US territories. They operate with ease not just due to an open border but the communities of illegals are their cover & often are involved. Ever hear of an illegal turning in a drug operation? That & their illegal presence throws the claim of law abiding people out the window.

    All the mexican stores opening w/o doing a lot of business while American run stores can't make the rent, shows they are getting money from somewhere and it is the drug cartels. Never saw a mexican up north here till 2004-5 and the numbers have greatly increased constantly. It is a takeover and the gov't is sanctioning it. Some areas of the country have had the "tex-mex" as they called it influence for while being border states, but now it is countrywide.

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