Pro-democracy students studying in America TERRORIZED by Chinese police

10/09/2023 // Ethan Huff // 2.3K Views

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The families of pro-freedom Chinese students who are studying in the United States says Chinese police are harassing and terrorizing their families back home.
One such student, Zhang Jinrui, a law student at Georgetown University, told "Radio Free Asia" (RFA) the other day that his family back in China was told by Chinese police officers to "get him in line," or else.
"The state security police knocked on our door and took my father away for lengthy questioning: 'Does this child of yours take part in pro-democracy activities? Do they usually love their country and the Party?'" Zhang told RFA.
Zhang says his father was then told to "teach him to love his country and the Party better," "the Party," of course, referring to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
"It's not okay that he's doing this, and it won't do any good," the police warned Zhang's family.
(Related: Earlier this year, New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York were both seen in video footage mingling with the alleged chief of a Chinese police station.)
Chinese "police stations" in the U.S. surveil and harass Chinese nationals living here

Zhang believes that he first popped up on Beijing's radar after he joined a protest movement called "White Paper" that regularly demonstrates against authoritarian abuses such as those occurring in Hong Kong against that nation's pro-democracy movement.
White Paper has also protested against China's hellish Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdowns by waving white pieces of paper up in the air.

Zhang has also been directly critical of the fact that China was allowed to host the Winter Olympics last year, seeing as how the nation is known for its humanitarian atrocities.
Interestingly, Chinese police have never gone after or even contacted Zhang directly. Instead, they appear to have learned about his presence and proceeded to harass and antagonize his family instead in the hopes that this alone would shut him up.
Zhang is also living in the United States while attending school, which means that there are no Chinese police officers here that can actually do anything other than spy on him about things he says and does while outside of China.
Zhang first learned about his parents' fate after receiving a panicked WeChat message from his sister. She told him Chinese police questioned her about his alleged participation in "Torch on the Potomac," which aims to be a "safe space" created for dissident Chinese students at Georgetown.
According to Zhang, Torch on the Potomac has not yet scheduled any activities.
Zhang is just one of many Chinese nationals who, while living abroad, have been targeted by communist China's "long-arm policing" strategy, which is similar to that of Singapore with its grotesque drug laws.
China has reportedly set up "police stations" in countries all around the world, including in Canada and the United States, to surveil and harass Chinese nationals like Zhang. These snitches monitor and report back to the mother ship, which then goes after the families of Chinese nationals who still live in China.
As Canadian Member of Parliament (MP) Michael Chong testified to the U.S. Congress back in December, terrorizing family members is a pastime for the CCP and its Chinese police officers scattered throughout the world.
"Chong said Chinese officials planned to use his family in Hong Kong to 'make an example' of him after he sponsored a resolution against the Uyghur genocide," one media outlet reported.
Other Chinese nationals living abroad say their families back home have, in some cases, even been dragged in for harsh interrogations as a threat to their overseas relatives to quiet down, or else.
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