Bioethics Professor: Drug The Population Into Accepting �Green World Order�

�Pharmacological enhancement of empathy and altruism� needed to address climate change

Paul Joseph Watson

A new paper to be published in Ethics, Policy & Environment argues that serious consideration should be given to mass drugging the population to make them more environmentally conscious while also proposing that babies should be genetically engineered to be smaller in order to reduce their carbon footprints.

In an interview with The Atlantic the lead author of the paper, New York University bioethics professor S. Matthew Liao, argues that humans need to be be subjected to �biomedical modifications� in order to help combat climate change.

Followed to their logical conclusion, Liao�s proposals outstrip anything Aldous Huxley wrote about in Brave New World, a 1932 dystopian novel about a future scientific dictatorship that seeks to drug, genetically manipulate, and medically induce humanity into complete slavish subservience.

Expressing regret that carbon taxes will do nothing to reduce carbon emissions, Liao suggests other methods, including �pharmacologically induced meat intolerance� where people would take drugs which would trigger extreme nausea or wear patches that would �stimulate the immune system to reject common bovine proteins.�

In order to reduce an individual�s �carbon footprint� and make sure they consume less, Liao suggests that a policy similar but more flexible to China�s one child policy be introduced, where parents can choose between having one large child, two medium sized children or three small children.

This would be accomplished by �preimplantation genetic diagnosis,� where embryos would be implanted based on height, or by using �drugs that reduce or increase the expression of paternal or maternal genes in order to affect birth height.�

Asked if genetic manipulation of babies is ethical or fair, Liao responds by citing the need to address �climate change� as the more pressing moral concern.

Liao subsequently suggests that drugging the public could positively influence their �will� to donate money to charities like Oxfam, which support the global warming agenda, by means of �pharmacological enhancement of empathy and altruism�.

�For example, I might know that I ought to send a check to Oxfam, but because of a weakness of will I might never write that check. But if we increase my empathetic capacities with drugs, then maybe I might overcome my weakness of will and write that check,� says Liao.

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"They got a solution for us, it's the pharmacological enhancement
of empathy and altruism." - Paul Watson

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Health and Medical Professor wants the population to be chemically castrated of free will

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