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    Profits even if you die

    I know I rant and rave endlessly about class war, elites, collusion between BIG government and BIG business etc etc but......

    I am convinced of what I rant about and feel compelled to place my words out where the public can see those words.

    "Creekstone Farms Premium Beef LLC, a privately owned producer and processor, is threatening legal action against the U.S. Department of Agriculture over the agency's decision last week not to allow it to voluntarily test all of its cattle for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), known as mad cow disease."

    Another more recent example is being mentioned on various media.

    WHY???? What could be the reason for denying something that could SAVE PEOPLE'S LIVES!!!!!!!!!!

    There is but ONE reason. The DOA is in collusion with the enormously wealthy beef industry to ensure maximum profits.

    There is NO reason to not test for a disease that KILLS PEOPLE!!!!

    Money before your life.

    The feds give NO real reason to not test for mad cow disease.


    The wealthy elites would allow millions of Americans to die in order to maintain power and wealth.

    What kind of society do we have? The power brokers refusing to allow a test that could save lives. The concern of the elites and their bureaucrat lackeys is maintaining the illusion that all is well, that we, the people, are safe from a deadly disease that killed many folks in Europe.

    The elite class with their greed for wealth and power has corrupted all aspects of our society.

    And, we, the common folks, are paying the price.

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    After writing the above I poked around and found this:

    "This article by Diane Farsetta takes a closer look at why the USDA bans independent testing for mad cow disease. When one beef producer wanted to test its own products in order to meet international safety requirements, the USDA actually threatened to sue them for doing so!
    Why? As explained in this article, the real answer may be because too much testing may reveal vast numbers of cattle to be infected with mad cow disease in the United States, and the USDA certainly doesn't want that to be front page news.

    Remember: in the same way that the FDA protects drug companies, the USDA protects the very industries it's supposed to be regulating. And that makes the agency a public health hazard.

    Original source:


    In February, Creekstone Farms Premium Beef, a slaughterhouse and meatpacker in Kansas, said it was going to build its own testing laboratory for mad cow disease.
    Currently the only USDA-approved laboratory for BSE testing is in Ames, Iowa, although the USDA says it's adding more labs in the near future.
    The USDA warned Creekstone Farms that it could face criminal charges if it carried out any independent testing.
    And when a Missouri rancher called the Ames facility to ask whether he could pay to have his cattle screened there, he was denied in no uncertain terms.
    Ingesting BSE-infected meat can lead to an always-fatal neurological wasting disease in humans called variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.
    In one fell swoop, ten percent of the U.S. beef market--some $3 billion in international sales annually--collapsed, cattle prices plunged, and some industry sectors have had to lay off workers.
    Consumers Union, the non-profit interest group that publishes Consumer Reports, conducted a study in mid-January that found near-universal awareness of mad cow disease among those interviewed (more than 99 percent).
    Nearly one-third of survey participants said they are concerned or very concerned about the safety of U.S. beef, and over 70 percent said they would pay more to ensure that cattle going into the human food supply are BSE-free.
    Nearly half of the meat packers surveyed said they would consider testing every animal they process, if the tests had USDA approval.
    When told that the USDA forbade independent testing, one of his customers responded incredulously, "If people want to have their beef tested, they should be able to."

    I know who my enemy is and I will not find that enemy in some foreign country.

    My enemy lies within.

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    Now I wonder who in the USDA is getting paid what for NOT TESTING ALL BEEF.
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