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Thread: Pulitzer Prize Winning Newsman: Hillary Approved Sending Sarin Gas to Rebels to Fram

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    Pulitzer Prize Winning Newsman: Hillary Approved Sending Sarin Gas to Rebels to Fram

    Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist: Hillary Approved Sending Sarin Gas to Rebels to Frame Assad, Start…

    Pulitzer Prize Winning Newsman: Hillary Approved Sending Sarin Gas to Rebels to Frame Assad, Start Syrian War

    By Matt Agorist -

    March 25, 2019
    From the archives: May 3, 2016.

    In April of 2013, Britain and France informed the United Nations that there was credible evidence that Syria used chemical weapons against rebel forces. Only two months later, in June of 2013, the United States concluded that the Syrian government did, in fact, use chemical weapons in its fight against opposition forces. President Obama immediately used this chemical attack as a pretext for invasion and authorized direct U.S. military support to the rebels, according to the White House.
    Since the US has been funding these ‘moderate rebels more than 250,000 people have been killed, over 7,600,000 have been internally displaced, and 4,000,000 other human beings have been forced from the country entirely.
    All of this death and destruction carried out by a sadistic army of rebels who’ve been funded and armed by the United States government, based on, what we are now told, was a complete fabrication.
    World renowned journalist Seymour Hersh has revealed, in a series of interviews and books, that the Obama Administration falsely blamed the government of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad for the sarin gas attack that Obama was trying to use as an excuse to invade Syria.
    As Eric Zuesse explained in Strategic Culture, Hersh pointed to a report from British intelligence saying that the sarin that was used didn’t come from Assad’s stockpiles. Hersh also said that a secret agreement in 2012 was reached between the Obama Administration and the leaders of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, to set up a sarin gas attack and blame it on Assad so that the US could invade and overthrow Assad.
    “By the terms of the agreement, funding came from Turkey, as well as Saudi Arabia and Qatar; the CIA, with the support of MI6, was responsible for getting arms from Gaddafi’s arsenals into Syria.”
    Hersh didn’t say whether these ‘arms’ included the precursor chemicals for making sarin which were stockpiled in Libya, explains Zuesse in his report. But there have been multiple independent reports that Libya’s Gaddafi possessed such stockpiles, and also that the US Consulate in Benghazi Libya was operating a “rat line” for Gaddafi’s captured weapons into Syria through Turkey.
    While Hersh didn’t specifically say ‘Clinton transported the gas,’ he implicated her directly in this ‘rat line’ of arms which the sarin gas was part of.
    Of Hillary Clinton’s involvement, Hersh told AlterNet that Ambassador Christopher Stevens, who died in the storming of the Benghazi embassy,
    “The only thing we know is that she was very close to Petraeus who was the CIA director at the time … she’s not out of the loop, she knows when there’s covert ops. That ambassador who was killed, he was known as a guy, from what I understand, as somebody, who would not get in the way of the CIA. As I wrote, on the day of the mission he was meeting with the CIA base chief and the shipping company. He was certainly involved, aware and witting of everything that was going on. And there’s no way somebody in that sensitive of a position is not talking to the boss, by some channel.”
    Backing up Hersh in his claims is investigative journalist Christof Lehmann, who after the attacks discovered an evidence trail leading back to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey, CIA Director John Brennan, Saudi Intelligence Chief Prince Bandar, and Saudi Arabia´s Interior Ministry.
    As Lehmann explained, Russian and other experts have repeatedly stated that the chemical weapon could not have been a standard issue Syrian chemical weapon and that all available evidence — including the fact that those who offered first aid to the victims were not harmed — indicates the use of liquid, home made sarin. This information is corroborated by the seizure of such chemicals in Syria and in Turkey.
    While this is certainly no silver bullet, this implication should not be glossed over. As the Free Thought Project has reported extensively in the past, the presidential candidate has ties to international criminal cartels who’ve been funding her and her husband for decades.
    When Hillary Clinton became secretary of state in 2009, the William J. Clinton Foundation agreed to disclose its donors at the request of the White House. According to a memorandum of understanding, revealed by Politifact, the foundation could continue to collect donations from countries with which it had existing relationships or running grant programs.
    The records would show that of the 25 donors who have contributed more than $5 million to the Clinton Foundation throughout the years, six are foreign governments, with the largest contributor being Saudi Arabia.
    The importance of Saudi Arabia’s role in funding Clinton is tremendous, as the Syria/Saudi relationship over the last half century is what this civil war is all about.
    As Zuesse points out in his article on Strategic Culture,
    When the interviewer asked Hersh why Obama is so obsessed with replacing Assad in Syria, since “The power vacuum that would ensue would open Syria up to all kinds of jihadi groups”; and Hersh replied that not only he, but the Joint Chiefs of Staff, “nobody could figure out why.” He said, “Our policy has always been against him [Assad]. Period.”
    This has actually been the case not only since the Party that Assad leads, the Ba’ath Party, was the subject of a shelved CIA coup-plot in 1957 to overthrow and replace it; but, actually, the CIA’s first coup had been not just planned but was carried out in 1949 in Syria, overthrowing a democratically elected leader, in order to enable a pipeline for the Sauds’ oil to become built through Syria into the largest oil market, Europe; and, construction of the pipeline started the following year. But, there
    But, there were then a succession of Syrian coups (domestic instead of by foreign powers – 1954, 1963, 1966, and, finally, in 1970), concluding in the accession to power of Hafez al-Assad during the 1970 coup. And, the Sauds’ long-planned Trans-Arabia Pipeline has still not been built. The Saudi royal family, who own the world’s largest oil company, Aramco, don’t want to wait any longer. Obama is the first US President to have seriously tried to carry out their long-desired “regime change” in Syria, so as to enable not only the
    The Saudi royal family, who own the world’s largest oil company, Aramco, don’t want to wait any longer. Obama is the first US President to have seriously tried to carry out their long-desired “regime change” in Syria, so as to enable not only the Sauds’ Trans-Arabian Pipeline to be built, but also to build through Syria the Qatar-Turkey Gas Pipeline that the Thani royal family (friends of the Sauds) who own Qatar want also to be built there. The US is allied with the Saud family (and with their friends, the royal families of Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, and Oman). Russia is allied with the leaders of Syria – as Russia had earlier been allied with Mossadegh in Iran, Arbenz in Guatemala, Allende in Chile, Hussein in Iraq, Gaddafi in Libya, and Yanukovych in Ukraine (all of whom except Syria’s Ba’ath Party, the US has successfully overthrown).
    Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Follow @MattAgorist

    Courtesy of The Free Thought Project
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    Tuesday, 11 August 2015

    U.S. Defense Intel Chief: Obama Gave “Willful” Aid to Al-Qaeda

    Written by Alex Newman

    Despite warnings about the consequences from senior U.S. officials, the Obama administration made a “willful decision” to support al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other jihadist terror groups in Syria, according to former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) chief Michael Flynn (shown). That deliberate aid to Islamic terrorists battling Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad played a crucial role in the rise of the "Islamic State” (ISIS or ISIL). While multiple top U.S. officials have already admitted that Obama’s so-called anti-ISIS coalition helped create, arm, and fund ISIS, Flynn is the highest-ranking administration official to publicly discuss the U.S. role in spawning the savage terror group now slaughtering Christians and other minorities across the Middle East. Almost incredibly, the establishment press and Congress have largely ignored the explosive revelations — even as the White House steps up its military aid to jihadist “rebels” in Syria with air support and training.
    Speaking during an in-depth interview on Al Jazeera, the Qatari government-sponsored broadcaster, DIA chief Flynn was asked about a 2012 report produced by his agency. The document, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by Judicial Watch, contained a number of revelations that should have seen a wide array of senior administration officials prosecuted under U.S. anti-terrorism laws. The secret report confirms what The New American has been reporting almost from the start of the war in Syria: The globalist-backed “revolution” against Assad was a “holy war” being led by al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other jihadist terrorists. The document also highlights the fact that the West and its Sunni Islamic dictator allies were supporting those same forces, and that they wanted to see the rise of a fundamentalist Islamic state in parts of Syria.
    “The West, Gulf countries [the Islamic regimes ruling Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, etc.], and Turkey support the Syrian opposition,” it explains, adding that al-Qaeda and other terrorists are the “major forces driving the insurgency” against the Syrian despot. “There is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist [fundamentalist Islam] principality in Eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime.” (Emphasis added.) Of course, that is exactly what happened when ISIS declared the establishment of its “caliphate” in Eastern Syria and parts of Iraq during its war on Assad and his allies. The report also warns of the potential consequences — though there is no mention of genocide against Middle Eastern Christians facilitated by those same policies, which is ongoing.
    During the Al Jazeera Head to Head interview, Lieutenant General Flynn (Ret.), who also served as a commander of the shadowy terror-war assassination squad known as the “Joint Special Operations Command” (J-SOC), confirmed the enormity of the revelations in the document. Despite attempts to downplay the 2012 document by the establishment media, Flynn said he “paid very close attention” to the report when it crossed his desk, and that “the intelligence was very clear.” He also said he had warned the administration against supporting jihadists in Syria. But the White House ignored the warnings, and instead continued providing material support — weapons, <acronym title="Google Page Ranking">PR</acronym>, communications, funding, training, international legitimacy, and more — to those officially designated terrorist organizations. An everyday U.S. citizen could face decades in prison, or worse, for doing the same actions.
    Flynn was not shy about admitting what by now is almost common knowledge — the Obama administration supported Islamic terrorists, including al-Qaeda, in the rebellion against the Syrian regime. “I don’t know that they turned a blind eye, I think it was a decision,” the former DIA chief said. “I think it was a willful decision.” The interviewer, Mehdi Hasan, sounding surprised at the frankness and the enormity of the revelation, said: “A willful decision to support an insurgency that had Salafists, Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood?” Flynn replied: “It was a willful decision to do what they’re doing.” What “they” — the administration — are doing, and have been doing, is supporting barbarians who are butchering their way through Iraq and Syria while overthrowing “apostate” rulers and slaughtering or enslaving non-Sunnis.
    Official U.S. documents released by WikiLeaks showed that the U.S. government had been secretly bankrolling Syrian opposition forces for years before the war began — even while Assad was still a terror-war ally, actually. Going back to at least 2012, Obama was already unlawfully helping to send weapons to al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other jihadist forces. “Why did you not stop that if you were worried about the rise of quote-unquote Islamic extremists?” Hasan asked Flynn during the interview. Flynn, perhaps unsurprisingly considering the unfolding carnage now devouring the region, tried to distance himself from the pro-terror policy. “I hate to say it’s not my job, but that, my job was to ensure that the accuracy of our intelligence that was being presented was as good as it could be.” Flynn also emphasized repeatedly that he argued against the policy of supporting terrorists that was deliberately adopted by the administration.
    Flynn’s comments also shed new light on previous admissions by senior U.S. officials about the giant role of Obama’s “anti-ISIS” coalition in spawning ISIS. Speaking at Harvard, for example, Vice President Joe Biden admitted that “there was no ‘moderate middle’” among the Syrian “rebels,” flatly contradicting Obama, who claimed to be arming and training “moderate” jihadists to fight Assad. Biden also admitted that the “anti-ISIS” coalition armed ISIS. “What my constant cry was that our biggest problem was our allies.... What were they doing? They were so determined to take down Assad and have a proxy Sunni-Shia war, what did they do? They poured hundreds of millions of dollars and tens, thousands, of tons of weapons into anyone who would fight,” Biden said. “Except that the people who were being supplied were al-Nusra and al-Qaeda and extremist elements of jihadis coming from other parts of the world.” Those terrorists went on to become ISIS, Biden said. When asked in Senate testimony whether any “major” U.S. allies supported ISIS, meanwhile, U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey noted that it is even worse than that. “I know major Arab allies who fund them,” he said.
    While most of the establishment press continues to conceal the facts, more than a few analysts did highlight the significance of the latest revelations. “As Michael Flynn also previously served as director of intelligence for Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) during a time when its prime global mission was dismantling Al-Qaeda, his honest admission that the White House was in fact arming and bolstering Al-Qaeda linked groups in Syria is especially shocking,” explained Brad Hoff with the Levant Report, one of the alternative online journals seeking to shine a light on Obama’s pro-jihad machinations in Syria. “Consider further the dissonance that comes with viewing the Pentagon’s former highest ranking intelligence officer in charge of the hunt for Osama bin Laden now calmly and coolly confessing that the United States directly aided the foot soldiers of [al-Qaeda chief and Russian-trained terrorist] Ayman al-Zawahiri beginning in at least 2012 in Syria.”
    During the Al Jazeera interview, Flynn was careful to avoid pinning all the blame for ISIS on Obama’s pro-jihad designs in Syria. Among other policies cited by the former defense intelligence chief that contributed to ISIS was the Iraq war. Flynn also conceded that the prison system in Iraq during the U.S. occupation — first under U.S. control, later under Iraqi control — served as a breeding ground for the jihadists and terrorists now chopping off the heads of infidels across the region. Another factor contributing to the terrorist threat is the Obama administration’s mass murder-via-drone-fired-missiles policy, which Flynn concluded creates more terrorists than it eliminates. Despite all of that, Flynn seemed to argue that the U.S. government should have actually done even more in the region, rather than less.
    Syria was not the first place the Obama administration allied itself with al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups to take down a former terror-war ally. In fact, shortly before the war in Syria began, Obama and his allies were providing weapons, air support, funding, and international support to proud al-Qaeda leaders in Libya who were battling against “apostate” dictator Moammar Gadhafi. The bloody results of that are now clear: Libya is in ruins and has become a haven and an arms bazar for terror groups ranging from ISIS to al-Qaeda. Now, the jihad has simply moved over to Syria. And the Obama administration, apparently undeterred by the historic tragedy it unleashed on the people of Libya, has now announced even deeper military support for jihadists in Syria — including air strikes on Assad’s forces.
    Meanwhile, on the ground in Syria, countless innocent people — especially Christians, who are being systematically exterminated by the same jihadists that Washington, D.C., has been aiding and abetting for years — are paying the ultimate price for Obama’s globalist pro-terrorist “foreign policy.” Congress must rein in Obama, reclaim its constitutional authority over war-making, and follow the advice of America’s Founders regarding non-intervention in foreign nations. Until that happens, the horror and the death toll abroad will get worse as the U.S. decline accelerates.

    Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU. He can be reached at

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    Former Hillary Clinton Associate Claims To Have Been Her Personal Hit Man… Admits to Killing for Money

    March 27, 2019 Dean Garrison Politics


    From the archives: October 11, 2013. New replacement video added on 3-26-19.
    Like many Americans I have been glued to the Pete Santilli show today in an attempt to keep up to date with any updates on the truckers. That show is streaming live at as I write this.
    There are bombshells being dropped on that show that go far beyond a trucker’s strike.


    The story the listeners are getting is that Larry Klayman was prepared to go on Neil Cavuto’s show tonight and show pictures of National Guard troops that have been assembled to squash the uprising, should it get out of hand. But it is also being reported that Fox News pulled the interview. Why?
    Because Klayman wanted to talk about some other issues as well including a gentleman named Larry Nichols who was a long time associate of Bill and Hillary Clinton. And the accusation is that Fox News does not want to share this story and only wants reports of the alleged National Guard troops in D.C.
    Guerilla Media Network reported on September, 24 2013:
    Clinton Insider Admits To Murder For Hire Claiming He Did It For The Money
    Larry Nichols, former 10 year accomplice to the Clinton’s , can now add hit-man to his list of dirty deeds. Nichols dropped a bombshell on The Pete Santilli Show when he very calmly admitted that he had murdered people, on command, for Bill and Hillary Clinton. Mr. Nichols has been a voice crying out in the wilderness since he brought to light the sexual brutality of Bill Clinton during his reign as Governor in Arkansas. That information would eventually play a key role to Clinton’s impeachment in the 90′s. Larry says he makes no apologies.
    They sent me overseas to kill people for them and told me it was for the good of the Country. So when they asked me to do it for them in the States it felt no different. The real truth is, I did it for the money and I didn’t give a shit about the women I beat and the men I murdered. The Clintons are bad people and I did bad things for them. I had to live with that all of these years and now I just don’t care anymore who knows it.

    Larry maintains the Clintons were into so many illegal activities at the time, they had to have a team of mercenaries made up of friends and state-troopers to cover it all up and keep them protected from the public finding out. According to Larry Nichols, both Bill and Hillary were wild and out of control and both were relentless in their pursuit for money and power. From running drugs, to the rape and beating of women and young girls, both of the Clintons are guilty of the unspeakable crimes.
    When Pete asked Larry about Gennifer Flowers making headlines last week claiming Bill had told her Hillary had eaten more pussy than he had Larry said that’s old news, and indeed it is … Larry had made that same statement on the Pete Santilli show early last spring. Larry is adamant that Hillary Clinton is a “Dyke” and always has been.
    One thing I know for sure She did have enough sex with men to have a kid, but it wasn’t Bill Clinton’s Kid she had … Chelsea is actually the daughter of Web Hubble.
    Nichols and many other insiders claim Clinton began having sex with Hubble to gain employment at The Rose Law Firm which she believed would eventually advance Bill Clinton’s chances of becoming Governor of Arkansas.
    The above quotes came from a radio interview. I have obtained a video that is posted on the same page. It is 4 hours long and I have not had time to isolate the comments so I have no idea what segment of the show contains them. I am posting the video for those who might have time to listen to it.

    Video removed from YouTube. Here is a replacement of the Nichols segment.

    Youtube Video

    This is a perfect example of how major stories can be squashed by large media outlets. I was unaware of this story until today. Is it true? Maybe so and maybe not. The point is that if a former associate makes these accusations it should be covered by the media even if their only intent is to discredit such comments.
    Larry Nichols was there and he knows what happened. Is he lying? That’s something that only he and others that were there truly know.
    If the accusations that are flying on the Pete Santilli show are true, it is just more evidence that we can not fully put our trust in Fox News.
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