Question: Who wears a MAGA hat to commit a hate crime? Answer: The Feds…

12/26/2023 // News Editors // 1.3K Views

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There’s a doozy of a clip circulating online showing a guy in a MAGA hat supposedly committing a “hate crime” against the transgender movement. While the validity of this clip is unclear, given past events involving federal authorities, like the January 6 “fedsurrection” and the Whitmer kidnapping sham, it raises suspicions about it potentially being a government-staged hoax. At the very least, it could be a Jussie Smollett-style stunt. After all, the idea of someone seriously wearing a MAGA hat to commit a “hate crime” seems so outlandishly absurd that it almost begs the question of whether it’s a hoax.
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Take a look and decide for yourself:
Molotov cocktail thrown into Tulsa donut shop that hosted a Drag Queen art show
— Crime Net (@TRIGGERHAPPYV1) December 20, 2023
Here’s what folks online are saying about this clip:
“The MAGA hat is a dead giveaway that this was carried out by leftists.”“Another democrat hoax.”
“MAGA supporters are smarter than this. This isn’t a trump supporter”
“that’s an Antifa trained comrade if ever I saw one”
“Lol. Feds. Nobody would stupid enough to wear a Maga Hat. “tHiS iS mAgA cOuNtRy!!””
“Lol. Another Jussie Smollett”
“Only a beta democrats swings a bat and throw like this. Sissy limp wristers”
“Definitely not a Trump supporter, he would have broken the window first try! Look how he runs.”
“Look at that throwing arm and effeminate gait as he/him/she/they ran away! Dead give away – that’s a loony liberal, likely sponsored by the deep state trying to portray MAGA as “Bad”…”
“Conveniently made sure to wear the brand new MAGA hat for the occasion.”
“Only a liberal would put on a MAGA hat to commit a crime”
“They made sure to wear a face diaper, and gloves…but also made sure to wear a brand new MAGA hat… LOL LOL LOL LOL only a brainwashed liberal would believe this…”
Many people don’t seem convinced by this story. For the regime, executing a psyop on the American public has become increasingly difficult, so if this incident is eventually revealed as a hoax, it looks like they might need to rethink their strategies going forward. The timing of this event is also suspicious. With a recent uptick in left-wingers committing “hate crimes,” it seems almost too convenient to suddenly have an incident involving a brand new MAGA hat to balance the narrative. It’s likely that the media will focus on this “crime” while continuing to overlook the series of left-wing hate crimes that are plaguing our nation.
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Question: Who wears a MAGA hat to commit a hate crime? Answer: The Feds… –