Radical Left Begins to Turn On Their Messiah, Obama

June 27, 2012 by Bob Livingston

Published on May 20, 2012 by ObamaBC

Barack Hussein Obama has embraced Marxism since at least his Occidental days, hanging out with Marxist and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers in the 1990s and 2000s, sitting on boards and foundations with him, funneling millions of dollars to radical 'social justice' groups like ACORN.

Something that happens to all socialists and communists that gain power, however, is that they rather like living the high life, so while they are redistributing wealth, they tend to redistribute it into their own pockets.

The hardline Left that do all the legwork to put their token Marxist in office tend to not like this, and come looking for the dictator that they have installed as The One to usher in their communist utopia. And this is exactly what is happening today with Obama.

The socialist/communists/anarchist Occupy movement that Obama and the 'Progressives' (that is communists and socialists) in Congress embraced, lacking their utopia, are beginning to make some grumbling sounds. The Occupy movement that Obama has coddled is doing more than protesting. Now they are taking on the strategies of Obama's crony from his New York days on, good old domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, who, in the 1970s, rarely changed his underwear, but liked to set a bomb about once a month to keep 'The Man' on his toes.

But Obama is having too much fun golfing, going on lavish vacations, buying his wife expensive clothing and jewelry, and throwing lavish parties with the Hollywood elite to be bothered with the rabble that his Marxists babble sought to save.

The Occupy Marxists, however, don't go away so easily. When they invest in something, they want a return on their investment. Perhaps the only form of capitalism that they approve of: We put you in office, you better deliver.

Obama, coming into the office of the presidency as a Marxists; now engaging in state capitalism (large corporations, unions, and government bureaucrats and technocrats controlling the economy and society at large), ignoring Congress, threatening the Supreme Court regarding ObamaCare, should be impeached.



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