Rand Paul COVID BOMBSHELL: “We have 15,000 samples in Wuhan … could do full genomes of 700 CoVs”

04/19/2024 // Ethan Huff // 1.4K Views

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Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, a prominent Republican member of Congress, penned an op-ed recently making the claim that officials at 15 federal agencies "knew in 2018 that the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) was trying to create a coronavirus like COVID-19."These officials, Paul claims, knew that the Chinese lab was pushing to develop a COVID-19-like virus but said absolutely nothing about it. As such, the world was eventually forced to endure three years-plus of authoritarian hell in the form of lockdowns and mask and "vaccine" mandates.
Despite these revelations going public, the same officials are refusing to release any information about the full extent of what they actually knew, so there is still a lot of information that we do not know about how COVID came to be.
Peter Daszak of the EcoHealth Alliance and the WIV made a proposition to officials representing these 15 federal agencies explaining what they wanted to do. The project as a whole was officially known as DEFUSE, and it involved illegal gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses.

Rep. Gallagher Press Office

New documents released by Drastic Research show Peter Daszak and the EcoHealth Alliance had applied for funds that would allow them to further modify coronavirus spike proteins and find potential furin cleavage sites.Rep. Gallagher explains why that's so important.

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1:16 PM · Sep 23, 2021

(Related: Earlier this year, Sen. Paul unleashed on Mitch McConnell for aligning himself with President Biden and the scheme to allow 5,000 illegal aliens to enter the United States every day.)
Denying the lab leak theory

Paul further pointed out an April 26, 2020 email between Daszak and "Fauci Flunky" David Morens that discussed the lab leak theory of COVID, which was starting to circulate around that time. The two conversed digitally about how to orchestrate a formal denial to the lab leak theory that instead pushed a "natural origin" theory.
While COVID may not actually be a virus as claimed – after all, it has never been isolated as such, nor has it been proven to exist at such – many now believe that it is still some kind of bioweapon that was primarily spread by the "vaccines" and possibly early 5G activation in some areas of the world such as in Wuhan.
Daszak and his cronies worked hard, Paul uncovered, to keep the truth about COVID a secret and pretend as though it simply appeared at random in nature, which we now know is anything but true.
In the April 26, 2020 email, Daszak lamented the "real and present danger that we are being targeted by extremists," the word "extremists" in this context referring to those who would claim that COVID is unnatural.
Since President Trump was one of those people at that time, Daszak called him "shockingly ignorant" in the same email. He also told Morens that he would have to restrict communications "to gmail from now on" as a result.
It was in this same email that Daszak would admit that as many as 15,000 samples of coronaviruses, or CoVs, were being stored in freezers in Wuhan at the time, so moving them out of that facility to keep the scheme covered up was not an option.
"Even that would be a loss," Daszak wrote, adding that those 15,000 samples could not be used to "do the full genomes of 700+ Co Vs we've identified if we don't cut this thread."

Rand Paul
Apr 16, 2024


Newly discovered emails...Ecohealth's Peter Daszak: "we have 15,000 samples in freezers in Wuhan" https://ecohealthalliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/04/Emails-02.pdf…

Rand Paul

"... and could do the full genomes of 700+ CoVs [coronaviruses]"

2:30 PM · Apr 16, 2024


In 2016 Peter Daszak (the man Fauci’s NIH was funding) openly talked about the gain of function research being done in China. The research Fauci said never happened.Daszak actually talked about creating a killer virus.

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11:14 AM · Apr 9, 2024

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