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    This is beyond child abuse . One of the kids are being given 17 different DRUGS . Wonder how many millions the drug co.s make off Americas kids every year ?

    2 out of 3 were some babys are given drugs like prozac, zoloft,and many other mind altering meds.

    What has happened to us as a society when we allow the Dept.of Ed. , other government agencies and drug pushing dotors to do this to our young ?

    This nation has been abusing children with drugs for decades now .

    Even if this nation survived it's self made wounds of silence and complaceny, would we survive these kids when they grow up and want revenge or have no natural feelings .

    All of the kids who did the school killings were on these type drugs, EVERYONE OF THEM ? Columbine, VirginiaTech, etc. If we think our leaders now ae demons, just wait and see what we created .

    Watch this video and weep for the kids .

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    The inmates are running and ruining this country!
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    I think this is the same place they plan to put the 416 they just took from the sect .

    That'll 'save' them from harm !

    I couldn't watch but a couple minutes o the video before my system kicked off ,but read about it on another site .

    I am about to be a great grandma and worried about this wild grandkid having a baby, but what kind of damn future can we offer these kids ,no wonder some of them act nuts .

    I am so sad for all the kids in this world, but especially for my own .

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