The REAL COST of Fauci’s failures

04/15/2024 // S.D. Wells // 40 Views

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Big Pharma is infamous for inflicting horrific, chronic damage on the masses with experimental medications and vaccinations, then waiting several years before assessing the carnage and health destruction they cause. Then, once in a while, if the lawsuits are heavy, Big Pharma will actually admit to their atrocities, recall certain "products," and even admit they were "wrong." Yet, the real cost isn't financial, it's health and this time around, the plandemic, led by the nefarious Anthony "Flu Shot" Fauci, has cost tens of millions of people their lives, including men, women, children, infants and fetuses.Vaccine violence now more than obvious in the post-pandemic health carnage visible all around us

Did you know there is really no such thing as "Long Covid?" It was a farce, made up by Big Pharma, just like Big Government made up "Climate Change." Talk about conspiracy theories gone wild. The "extremists" and "domestic terrorists" are in charge of the country, the hospitals, the death-medicine-laboratories and all of mainstream fake news, including TV, newspapers and just about all of social media, YouTube and anything you look up in Google. Now it's all AI-created "Long Covid" and "Disease X." It's all long-term-vaccine-syndrome, and it's all thanks to the most insidious talking head disease "expert" to ever walk on earth, Anthony "Mengele" Fauci.
Fauci has led the charge in disseminating misinformation and disinformation. If any natural health advocate had done what he has done, they would be serving life in a DC gulag with the January 6'ers. Take a close look at the carnage from over 270 million Americans believing the brainwash scamdemic and racing to the doctor, pharmacy and hospital to get jabbed with gene-mutating "technology" that tricks your cells into creating millions of toxic virus-mimicking prions that clog the blood, infect the organs, damage the heart, inflict mayhem on the CNS and strain the brain.
Anthony "Deep State" Fauci is the head of the pharma snake folks. The head. He is the (masked) Joseph Mengele of our time. He's the Angel of Death in America, walking in a human body, delivering messages for the CDC that tell a few hundred million people to commit medical suicide by succumbing to prion injection technology through their fear of a virus that hardly kills anyone. Follow the bouncing ball.
Following Fauci's medical advice is like slow walking into the gas chambers of the Holocaust. The country's knee-jerk reaction to a scamdemic that supposedly began because a Chinaman ate some raw bat soup is pathetic, to say the least. But the whole 75 year "vaccine" mission to eliminate billions of people finally gained massive traction with Covid, and now the vaccine-induced carnage is right there in plain sight.
The lockdowns ruined people's natural immune system function. The masks brewed and bred bacterial infections of the mouth, throat and lungs that the Covid Industrial Complex blamed on the 60 million unvaccinated, educated, healthy people.
Millions of Americans are now suffering vaccine-induced heart problems, nervous system dysfunction, hysteria, chronic-inflammation, period irregularities, spontaneous abortions and miscarriages, and Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (mRNA extermination protocol). Thanks Fauci.
It's highly possible that nary a human actually died from the "novel" virus that was created in the Wuhan lab, but the mass wave of unexplained deaths is a direct result of microscopic particles sticking to the walls of blood vessels, traveling to vital organs and then being attacked by the human immune system like U.S. missiles getting dropped on innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip right now. It's genocide via vaccine "technology," and Dr. "Gain-of-Function" Fauci should be tried for mass-murder and treason in a "tribunal" court of law.
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The REAL COST of Fauci’s failures –