Ted Nugent unloads on 'Redcoat' Piers Morgan

By now, you know that Piers Morgan is virtually drowning in the ratings sewer that is CNN, perhaps because of his hatred for our 2nd Amendment rights.

Along comes American music legend Ted Nugent, who is now unloading a brand-new barrage on the "terminally liberal, limey, Redcoat sheep."

Here's the latest ammo from "the Nuge." Can Piers recover?


Exclusive: Ted Nugent notes AR-15s are now 'as scarce as facts on a Piers Morgan show'

Published: 1 hour ago

At the tender age of 64.3 years of age, clean and sober for all 64.3 years, my glowing quality of life comes from honing my spiritual radar to maximum efficiency through gung-ho discipline and addiction to the inebriating characteristics of a higher level of awareness. I kill dinner with self-propelled sharp sticks; there is no Plan B for this guitar player.

My spirit cup runneth over more voluminously than ever before, wrapping up the most joyful, ferocious rock ‘n’ roll tour of my life, as I celebrate the most venison-infested hunting season ever. I cannot help being a force to reckon with. I am so “we the people” I can’t help myself.

And I’m not so lovingly referred to as Mr. Deadend Brickwall, Door Slamming Czar because I acquiesce, retreat, whimper or surrender. Like my brother the American bison, I face and embrace the howling cultural and political storms of the day.

On a personal level I like the terminally liberal, limey, Redcoat sheep Piers Morgan. I’ve been on his CNN program talking about guns, ammo, freedom and hunting – things I live, that he knows zero about.

In order to raise his CNN bottom-of-the-barrel television ratings, Piers, like Obama, has been attempting to use the Newtown massacre to raise his pathetic non-ratings by resorting to a nightly attack on the Second Amendment, the NRA and so-called “assault weapons.”

Newsflash for he the sheeple Redcoat Piers: No so-called assault weapon was used in the grisly murders of the children and teachers in Newton, Conn. NBC has reported the butcher used four handguns, and though we can all agree that anything reported by the networks and so much of the media should be disbelieved out of hand, even if the Bushmaster modern sporting rifle were used in the demonic slaughter of innocents, semi-automatics are not “assault weapons.” Period.

Piers’ primary problem is that he’s from England, a withering, spineless nation of ever eroding sheep that does not respect the right to life, liberty or pursuit of happiness and the natural instinct/right to protect those rights with a gun.

What Piers hasn’t told his audience and will not tell his audience, but I was able to drive home to his audience, is that gun-related crime dramatically increased in not-so-great Britain after England banned the private ownership of guns in 1997. Horrifically, it has been the innocent victims of savage crimes that have been incarcerated for clear and simple acts of self-defense while the violent repeat perpetrators go free. Same is true in Australia.

Piers proclaims he respects our Second Amendment, but his nightly hysterical diatribe regarding so-called assault weapons and high-capacity magazines gives pause to America’s gun owners and those interested in objectivity and the facts. The facts, however interesting, are lost on Piers. Until I show up.

Piers doesn’t like so-called assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. He and other freedom-bashers believe America would be safer without these guns and magazines. The facts speak otherwise.

Rifles, of which so-called assault weapons are a subset, were used in less than 3 percent of murders in 2011, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports. According to the FBI, many more people were stabbed or beaten to death than were killed with rifles. Clearly, the FBI’s facts show that banning so-called assault weapons will not make America any safer. Let’s see if Piers has enough journalistic integrity to admit this most basic of truths.

Secondly, the AR-15 is not classified as an assault weapon. Though it may look like a military weapon, it functions much differently than a military assault weapon. The AR-15 has more in common with a common .22 semi-automatic squirrel rifle than a military assault weapon. Being from England, Piers wouldn’t understand that. The brainwashing there was complete long ago.

The very question “Why do you need an assault weapon?” is fundamentally flawed, as are the majority of loony liberal questions/statements about guns, but I will answer anyway.

As a free man, I never thought my freedom was based upon some blowhard’s or bureaucrat’s needs-assessment. I “want” a semi-automatic rifle that can shoot 30 bullets without reloading and a Corvette that goes from 0 to 60 mph in under four seconds and an old Ford Bronco that will climb up your face if the need arises.

AR-15s and other semi-automatic rifles are fun, accurate, dependable and well-built. They are wonderful varmint guns and will cut a recidivist, paroled maggot or methhead in half. I don’t have a coyote problem on my ranch. Coyotes and other varmints have a Ted problem thanks to my bevy of assorted AR-15 style fun guns, Gibson guitars and so many other fine American-made weapons.
As a free man whose forefathers tossed out King George by killing his soulless henchmen, I highly distrust and despise any person or government who would ban a gun based purely on its looks or because it can hold more than seven bullets. Americans should not trust a government that does not trust them with a basic semi-automatic rifle.

The beauty of President Obama’s violence task force headed up by VP Biden and Piers’ nightly hollow antics is that Americans are now better armed than any society in the history of mankind. That’s what freedom addicts do. When our government even hints that they are going to ban something, Americans rush out and cause the sales of that product to skyrocket. AR-15s and other mis-identified “assault weapons” are virtually sold out. They are as scarce as facts on a Piers Morgan show.

The toll of freedom is responsibility. There are no more responsible Americans than those Americans who own guns. Americans would be wise to remember that 99.999 percent of all guns, including so-called “assault weapons,” will never be used in the commission of a crime or misused in any way, shape or form.

Stick with the facts and freedom, America. It isn’t guns that are truly under attack by Piers Morgan and others. It’s our freedom and common sense that Piers Morgan ultimately despises.
Celebrate freedom and common sense by purchasing more guns and ammo, and give away NRA memberships to everyone you know. Then let’s help Piers’ embarrassing ratings disaster by tuning in now and then to enjoy the melt down go from bad to worse. Now that’s entertainment.

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