Report: More than 70% of embalmers found strange BLOOD CLOTS in corpses beginning in mid-2021, months after COVID vaccines were rolled out

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More than 70 percent of embalmers
have reported finding strange, fibrous white blood clots in corpses in 2023 – which didn't exist before the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
This was the finding of a recent survey that polled 269 embalmers across four countries and three continents. A similar survey conducted in late 2022 revealed that 66 percent of embalmers began finding the unusual clots in mid-2021. This result suggested a connection to the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, which started in December 2020.
Former Air Force Maj. Thomas Haviland, the creator of the 2022 and 2023 embalmer surveys, told the Defender that he conceived of the project after watching "Died Suddenly." The documentary featured embalmers sharing how they found unprecedented fibrous masses clogging arteries.
"I know correlation is not necessarily causation, [but] there's an awful lot of correlation going on here," he said. Haviland sent his survey results to three U.S. agencies – the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health – on Jan. 9. However, he has yet to receive a response.
Haviland, a long-time airman, lost his job in the military in October 2021 when he refused to comply with the Biden administration's COVID-19 vaccine mandate. His refusal stemmed from the lack of safety and efficacy data on the vaccine. Haviland researched the topic widely, but could not find much official information.
Later, he found a September 2021 technical briefing from the now-defunct Public Health England. The briefing showed hundreds of thousands of breakthrough COVID-19 cases recorded among the fully vaccinated – undermining claims that vaccines would prevent transmission. "The case fatality rate [in the PHE document] for the unvaccinated was more than 3.6 times lower than the CFR for the fully vaccinated," Haviland said.
Haviland's termination paved way for the embalmer survey

Following his termination, Haviland set out to verify the embalmers' claims. He crafted a 12-question form using the SurveyMonkey platform, asking respondents about the types of types of blood clots they were observing when the anomalies began appearing, the estimated percentage of bodies exhibiting the fibrous masses and the ages of the deceased. While Haviland encountered hesitancy during survey distribution, initially garnering only 14 responses, his survey eventually gathered steam.
As per his survey, embalmers reported an overall increase in all types of clotting in all age groups – but especially among individuals aged 36 and up. According to Haviland, this echoes real-world data from insurance industry trends showing increased death benefit payouts for younger people.
"The embalmers that I'm in contact with insist that it's happening pre-death, but there's been some controversy about that. Some embalmers have said, 'Yeah, the clot's formed, but we think it's happening just after death,'" he said. "There's no way they could have formed in just the one or two hours when the body was still warm."
According to the Defender, "longtime funeral industry professionals who spoke with Haviland correlate the appearance of the fibrous clots with the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccinations rather than the virus itself."
"They're not qualified, obviously, to say why or how the clots are forming," the former Air Force major said. "But they can tell you when they've seen something that they've never seen before … and the explosion of the clotting took place for them starting in 2021 after the [COVID-19 vaccines were] rolled out."
Haviland theorized that the white, fibrous clots appear to be composed of platelets made of the fibrin protein and amyloid protein. This amyloid protein, he said, "is basically a fancy term for a misshaped, misfolded protein." It then becomes hard for the body to break down, leading to the formation of the clots.
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Report: More than 70% of embalmers found strange BLOOD CLOTS in corpses beginning in mid-2021, months after COVID vaccines were rolled out –