Reporters are now stalking churchgoers to enforce COVID-19 mandates

Wednesday, December 02, 2020 by: Cassie B.

(Natural News) Canada has seen more than its fair share of ridiculous COVID-19 restrictions, and the madness has gone so far that a Canadian broadcasting company reporter recently posted a video of herself stalking Christians attending church as part of some sort of attempt to enforce COVID-19 mandates.
Reporter Georgina Smyth stalked more than 60 Christians who she claims were violating an order barring church gatherings.
She wrote in a tweet: “I counted more than 60 people inside this church in Chilliwack, a bold breach of PHO orders to suspend gatherings due to record high Covid cases. Another church nearby was visited by RCMP. Unfortunately both religious leaders decline to speak with us on camera.”
Her tweet was accompanied by video footage of people walking out of the church, who we can only guess did not know they were being filmed as Smyth counted them.
One commenter wrote: “Stalking people at church. Our country is sliding into the pits of hell.”
Another said: “And once again another proof that Canadian state-run media is not there to inform the public. It’s there to inform the state. And that Canada is still NOT A FREE COUNTRY.”
Meanwhile, a different church in British Columbia was hit with a $2300 fine for holding worship services over the weekend.
Why is there a double standard?

British Columbia Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry has taken a lot of heat for the ridiculous decision to ban church gatherings while allowing liquor stores to remain open throughout the pandemic.
Smyth was one of three reporters who contributed to the story for the CBC about two churches that are still offering in-person services to parishioners. One of those churches is Free Reformed Church. Its pastor, John Koopman, wrote in a statement: “Our constitution guarantees us the freedom of conscience and religion, which includes peacefully gathering together to worship our God.”
Pastor James P. Butler of Free Grace Baptist Church, the other church targeted by the story, pointed out that people are still allowed to go shopping in person even though they could shop online, so expecting worshipers to stay home is unfair. He said that just as online shopping cannot provide everything that the experience of shopping in person does, the same is true of going to church, especially in the midst of a pandemic when people are grappling with mental health issues, addiction and abuse.
Tensions were already high as there have been many incidents involving the government targeting Christians in Canada long before the pandemic set in. A Christian pastor in Toronto was recently arrested and charged with disturbing the peace using “derogatory comments” for preaching God’s word on a street corner. Apparently, his message that God loves and accepts people was viewed as hateful by an LGBT mob who cheered as he was dragged off in handcuffs. The conditions of his bond prohibit him from going into certain areas of town and near Pride events.
Things are out of control in Canada, and America isn’t too far behind in terms of attacking Christianity. It can be seen in New York, where churches in some areas were hit with attendance caps (later overturned by the Supreme Court) while liquor stores remained open, and there’s always a double standard when it comes to people assembling to worship versus those assembling to protest.
Does anyone think the same reporter who was so eager to expose people going to church ever sat outside Black Lives Matter protests and counted the number of attendees there who were violating social distancing rules?
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Reporters are now stalking churchgoers to enforce COVID-19 mandates –