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Thread: Republicans Didn’t Want to Fight the Culture Wars and Now Infanticide Is Legal in New

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    Republicans Didn’t Want to Fight the Culture Wars and Now Infanticide Is Legal in New

    Republicans Didn’t Want to Fight the Culture Wars and Now Infanticide Is Legal in New York

    January 24, 2019

    RUSH I came across a piece today… In fact, it may be time to do this. I was gonna do this later on in the program, because it really doesn’t tie into anything, except it just did. It ties into something else here, but this is exactly what real resistance looks like. We haven’t had any resistance on our side. The Covington kids story is a classic illustration of why we’re not even on the field. The Democrats are on the field moving the ball.

    Our party isn’t on the field. Our media, conservative media is all we have. But, you know, we’re the cheerleaders. We’re on the sidelines. We’re not running for office. We don’t get votes. We don’t have offices in the capital. Donald Trump is it, and he’s got no support. Remember when Karl Rove and George W. Bush would not respond to any of the criticism? I mean, and some of it was vile, slanderous and libelous.

    It was… (sigh) It was depravity. They wouldn’t respond to it because they didn’t want to sully the great office of the presidency by taking it into the gutter of politics, and so the media and the left pretty much had free rein. They were allowed to attack and say whatever they wanted to about Bush — and, by extension, us, voters. We were never defended, either. I’ll give you another example. Do you remember the construction of, “Well, I am a social liberal but a fiscal conservative.”

    Remember that, by people on our side — and who was it saying that? Well, the so-called moderates who are embarrassed by pro-lifers and conservatives. So these were the people constantly bellyaching. (impression) “You’ve gotta stop talking about abortion! We’re losing! We’re getting our butts kicked! Abortion? Just get rid of it! It’s never gonna change anyway. You gotta stop!” These guys, their wives were nagging them and all. These were moderate so-called Republicans. Hell, I ran into it all the time.

    I can’t tell you the number of moderate — so-called moderate — Republican women who wouldn’t know fighting back against the Democrats if their kid lives depended on it, coming up to me, “You gotta stop talking about abortion and you gotta get them to stop! It’s killing us. We’re never gonna win a thing.” So the thinking was that if we would just stop talking about “the social issues,” which is where we were losing everything! That’s where the culture war was taking, was where we were losing our society, losing our morality, losing our culture.

    And our side has this massive contingent that wanted to give it up, not fight for it because fiscal conservatism, money, the economy. “That’s how people won elections, not on this social stuff.” So the great moderates on our side were constantly advocating, “Forget the social issues. Don’t talk about abortion. It embarrasses me. It embarrasses us. We have to go to convention and hang around those people. We need to focus on the economy. We need to focus on telling people we’re best for their back pockets.” So that the left was never engaged, folks, except from the sidelines by us.

    The left was never engaged, and they still aren’t being, other than by Trump, as they attempt to essentially destroy — literally blow up — the moral foundation of the founding of this country. While the left is largely to blame for it because of what they’ve done, by the same token, Never-Trump conservatives and Republican moderates are also responsible for the state of it because they have not done anything to stop it. Years and years and years of not resisting it, not fighting back, acquiescing. “Yeah, I’m a social liberal but a fiscal conservative.”

    They were this demanding we not push back, not even on abortion! Demanding we forget that so as not to lose the moderates in the upcoming election. Well, guess what’s happened? The left has now bullied and conquered all the moderates and turned them into budding young leftists. There aren’t any moderates anymore, have you noticed? There’s a greater partisan divide now than there was even in the 1960s. My point is, the left in this country has not had any political opposition. They’ve had media opposition from us on the sidelines, but we’re not on the field.

    And I’m not making excuses. I’m suggesting to you that we have not had… The left looks like they’ve steamrollered us like a hot knife through butter. It’s only because nobody has ever attempted to stop ’em, except maybe on the pages of magazines or in policy papers published by think tanks that nobody reads. But in terms of actually fighting back on the specifics and on the aggression of the left? It’s not even a matter of fighting back. They haven’t even been on the field.

    Only conservative media — alternative media, it’s called — has been opposed. But we’re not on the playing field, folks, honest to God. Because, you know, we’re not seeking office, getting votes. We don’t have offices there and votes, and so we’re not there. All we can do is try to rev up as many voters as we can to oppose the left but we’re doing it alone — and let me tell you how it manifests itself. Are you aware of the…? What is the name of this bill? It’s something passed in New York. It is the…

    Well, I don’t know the name of the bill. But this was in the New York Senate yesterday. Ready for this? “By a vote of 38-24, abortion was voted on in the New York Senate to be added to the New York Constitution as a constitutional right.” But wait. We’re just getting started. The New York State Senate yesterday voted 38-24 “to allow nonphysicians to perform abortions.” The New York State Senate voted yesterday 38-24 “to allow abortion through the third trimester.”

    But the pure evil is in the last part of the bill. The New York State Senate voted 38-24 yesterday “to repeal protections for babies that survive abortions.” The abortion business in New York has just been voted on as constitutional by the New York State Senate. Now, here in Florida, I could be minding my own business and a cop can come to my front gate and demand to come into my backyard and check my lights if there is an allegation that one turtle egg might hatch and not go to the ocean.

    I can be… Any of us here who live on the coast, for eight months a year are threatened with all kinds of punishment. We’re reminded constantly every February, ’cause the restrictions go into place on March 1st. One turtle egg hatches, and the little turtle hatchling goes the wrong direction, and we are guilty of a crime if we’ve had our lights on too powerfully. But killing a baby in New York after it survives an abortion is legal — and was applauded in a standing ovation in the New York State Senate chamber.

    They were celebrating. I think the move is that you can now get a legal abortion in New York up to your due date. Now, this is the Senate. This is just the State Senate vote we’re talking about. This is what happens when there’s no pushback, and our side was telling us to abandon this! It was the focal point and the crux of the culture war. The entire fight over the value of life, the value of human life — which has now, on the left, becomes secondary in status to turtle eggs in south Florida or to any number of other of animals in certain circumstances.

    The ability to go ahead and kill a child that survives an abortion gets a standing ovation. Now, we’re told years ago that the Republican Party’s killing itself by resisting this and trying to oppose this. “Just forget it! Let’s focus on our fiscal conservatism. That’s how we’ll win elections, ’cause there’s all kinds of moderates out there. They care about their back pockets more than they do abortion. We’re scaring ’em off talk about abortion. We need to focus on the economy.” So now we’ve got an entire so-called conservative movement which doesn’t resist anything.

    And in fact, its first inclination is to side with the left rather than be embarrassed and oppose the left. In a late-term abortion, which New York has just legalized in the State Senate, the baby’s killed. Delivery is induced. They deliver the child anyway after they have terminated life. My question, why bother with it? If you can legally kill a fetus after it’s born, then why not just wait to do that? Why go through this whole abortion business in the first place?

    I mean, this law’s allowing doctors to deliver the child and then end its life, if that was the intention. And then you suggest, “Hey, if you’re gonna do that be deliver the child, put it up for adoption.” “Get outta here! No way. You don’t have the right to tell us about adoption.” They’ll shoot down adoption as an option faster than you can bring it up. What kind of people cheer this? But you should see ’em. There’s a little video, a looped gif file, that shows standing ovations throughout the New York State Senate chamber when all this was announced.

    And we were told, “Don’t stand up! Don’t resist this. Oh, no, no, no! Social liberal, fiscal conservative. That’s who we are. Yeah, that’s what we’ve been.” Even now, I’ll bet you this isn’t gonna bother any people. But this is why the left appears to be winning with no opposition (chuckles) because they really haven’t had any. We’ve been voting for people promising to oppose but it really hasn’t manifested. That’s why nobody is gonna abandon Donald Trump, ’cause he is it, the only one who pushes back.

    This is what it looks like. I told you after he was elected: It’s not gonna be pretty. You can’t go back and relive the past, but some of this… It’s a shame. It should not have ever happened. If there were just some simple opposition fighting for the hearts and minds of the American people, engaging these people in their depravity. It didn’t happen, except in conservative media — which, of course, the left has done its best to disabuse and impugn and destroy credibility.


    RUSH: I just got some of the most incredible emails. “Rush, how can they…? How can they do this? How can somebody know their due date is Saturday and then go kill their baby on Thursday? What doctor would do this?” Okay. In New York State, it’s now constitutional for a nondoctor to do an abortion. So you don’t need a doctor without a conscience.

    But, folks, I don’t know how many times — and I took so much heat. I’m not complaining. I’m just reliving it here. I’m recounting it. It almost was as bad as when I didn’t support Perot back in 1992, and people threatening to leave the audience. Same thing. “If you don’t stop talking about this abortion stuff, Rush, you’re gonna lose half of us!”

    But I persisted, because if we’re not gonna stand up for life (chuckles), then what other aspect of our politics or existence is worth defending? But, anyway, I tried to point out to people that this is why there are things like “the unviable tissue mass.” “It’s not a baby. It’s not even human. Why, who knows when conception really happens?” All these arguments were designed to tell women that they weren’t really carrying human babies.
    “You’re not aborting a child. You’re getting rid of an illness.” Remember that?

    “It’s an illness!”

    Remember Planned Parenthood and the feminazis running around detailing all the horrible things that can happen to women because of pregnancy? We had the unviable tissue mass, and then basically a man’s got no right — a father has no right — in any of this. It’s a woman’s body, and she’s the only one can do anything about it. And as to how do you abort something on Thursday when your due date is on Friday, Saturday. Well, part and parcel of the magic the left pulled off on this was to convince — and these are poor women doing this.

    That’s another thing.

    “It doesn’t matter! You want to bring a child, poor child into this squalid house you live in, into this horrible neighborhood. You don’t want to bring a child into this.” They did every trick in the book to further this. It got to the point where even legally, they would tell women, “If you don’t want it, it doesn’t exist. If you don’t want the child, then it’s not even really there. There’s no problem with aborting it,” and that became determinant. If you wanted it, then it totally became a different thing. If you didn’t want it, it never was a baby.

    It was some of these other things, and we just answered, “Fiscal conservatism! That’s our trick. That’s our answer. Fiscal conservatism.”



    RUSH: I really had not intended to get into this at this stage. I was gonna save this for later in the program. I had a different bridge built to it. But I may as well. Grab audio sound bite 21. I just want you to hear the applause after I again tell you what the New York State Senate passed. This is called the Reproductive Health Act. It’s a bill that “expands abortion access” and codifies the right to abortion in the New York Constitution. But here are the elements of this. Abortion is added to the New York Constitution. Nonphysicians are allowed to commit abortions, to perform them.

    Nondoctors? Whatever happened to the back-alley abortions with the coat hangers being objectionable? Whatever happened to that? Allow abortion through the third trimester and then, Governor Cuomo, up to your due date! See, if there’s no doctor involved, if you don’t have to have a doctor… I thought all this was about protecting the life of the mother. You know, if you go back and just remember (or have somebody remember for you) all of the arguments that have been made over the years for, quote-unquote, “a woman’s right to choose,” all of this becomes eminently understandable.

    For example, the back-alley abortions, the coat hangers. “No, we can’t have that! That’s why we need to legalize abortion. Too many women are being harmed or hurt and so forth.” It was all about protecting the life of the mother, but it isn’t about that anymore, folks. This is about taking the life of a child. That’s all this is. It used to be… I mean, they made every effort to convince people that it was only about the life and the health of the mother, but it’s gone so far beyond that as evidenced by abortion up to your due date — and, like I say, I got some emails.

    “Why would…? If your due date’s Saturday, why in the world…? How could you? You’re nine months. How could you?” (sputtering) You have to remember what they’ve done. You have to remember what the left has done from kindergarten on for the last 30 years. They’ve dehumanized human contraception and birth. They’ve dehumanized it, by design and on purpose. It isn’t a child if you don’t want it. It’s… You’ve heard the terms. “It’s an illness, it’s dangerous, it’s risky, it’s an unviable tissue mass.” You’ve heard all of that.

    But the key to it is that the fetus and the child… That’s what all the arguments about, “When does contraception happen? When does contraception begin?” That’s why all those arguments. The left has been hell-bent on convincing as many women — and men, too — that it’s not a baby, until it’s born and the mother wants it. If the mother doesn’t want it and it’s born, you can still now, in New York, get rid of it it. They just repealed protections for surviving babies. This is what Obama voted for as a state senator in Illinois! If the baby survived abortion, you could go ahead and…

    For those of you who think this is easy for me to talk about because it’s scoring political points, you’re as wrong as you can be. But I don’t… What else do you call it? A baby survives an abortion and you can still terminate the baby. You can still kill it. If that was the intention in Illinois — and Obama voted for that, and then tried to hide and run away from that all during his presidential campaign. They just made that legal in New York. They have repealed any protections for babies that survive abortion under the premise nobody wanted that baby.

    “It’s not a baby because it’s not wanted. It was gonna be born in poverty. It was gonna be born into…” Well, they can’t say “single-parent family” because they’ve lionized those. But they came up with all kinds of existing circumstances that would justify abortion. Poverty, violence. “Who would want to bring a child into that atmosphere?” they said. Anything to validate, and it’s not… If you mention adoption, they’re gonna shout you down and they’re gonna pummel you. That’s not an option because we’re not talking about a human being.

    This is how they’ve done it, starting in kindergarten 30 or 40 years ago. They gradually inculcate the idea that we’re not even talking about a person here. “It’s potential illness. It’s a potential complication. It’s a risk! It’s just an unviable tissue mass,” and they get little sonograms and they show you something the size of your little finger. “Come on! That’s nothing.” But when you’re two days away from your due date? For them to pull this off, they have literally had to rip God out of countless lives, and they’ve had to do something with conscience.

    They’ve had to find a way to erase conscience, and they’ve done that by basically saying, “The father has got no role whatsoever. It’s totally up to you. It’s your body. Nobody can tell you what to do — and if you don’t want it, then it doesn’t exist anyway. If you do want it, that’s a different thing — and we’re gonna fight you on that. But if you don’t want it, then hunky-dory.” When all of this was announced — audio sound bite No. 21 — this is what happened in the senate.

    NEW YORK STATE SENATE: (wild cheering and applause)

    RUSH: Now, that’s just seven seconds of it. We could have made a loop, ’cause it went on and on. They gave a standing ovation for this. So this was not passed into law as something that they thought is necessary and needed but makes everybody very uncomfortable. Because many of these people over the years said, “No, this is not… We just need to do this for the life of the mother, and we need to do this for women’s rights and right to choose. Of course, we’re not comfortable with it.” It’s just exact opposite. They are now celebrating!

    They think they’re celebrating a women’s right to the choose in here, but what are they ultimately celebrating? I have a statistic here — let me throw it out at you — that I have here at the bottom of the Stack. Yes. This is from Congresswoman Christina Hagan. Planned Parenthood, from their report — the official report from 2017 to 2018. Planned Parenthood performed 332,757 abortions during the reported year.That’s about the size of Cleveland. They did 2,831 adoption referrals, which is down from 3,800 the previous year. So Christina Hagan here says (paraphrased), “Why do they still call themselves Planned Parenthood since parenthood isn’t anything of what they do?”

    Of course, Planned Parenthood never has been about parenthood. Planned Parenthood — and if you pointed this out, they came after you. Market Sanger! It’s eugenics. Planned Parenthood was about ways to get rid of “undesirable people in society,” according to the elites of the day, and those “undesirables” were the poor and African-Americans. That’s how this whole thing, this whole organization started. But you better not say that today. You’d better not do anything to criticize this movement today.

    Now, the reason this came up in the first hour, and I didn’t intend it to, is that something prompted me. I think it was a story about the Covington High School kids, and we all know what happened here. Basically, the left comes out with its narrative, and even people on our side race to condemn them before waiting to find out what happened. They race to condemn them because they… Well, all the obvious reasons. They want the approval of the media. They want to be… You know what? I think it’s something else.

    I think people on our side, the so-called conservative intellectuals and Never Trumpers, you know what I think? I think to them, the media is legitimate, and they want to be part of it! They want to be seen as a legitimate part of it! Even though they may be conservative, they think they are in “the media.” And, therefore, they do not want “the media” criticized or condemned because that’s where they work! Now, they’re not leftist Democrats, but the media as an institution, they want it to be seen as something rigorous and wonderful and worthwhile because that’s where they work.

    And, of course, they want to be seen by other practitioners of the craft (i.e., journalism) as legitimate. So their natural tendency is to side with other journalists, even if they’re wacko liberals. And that’s exactly what happened. And it just epitomized and illustrated once again the biggest problem that we have had and why Donald Trump was elected is that our side hasn’t even been on the field fighting any of this for 30 years. Now, there are exceptions. Newt Gingrich and his gang in 1994, two or three members of Congress here, four or five members of Congress there.

    But in terms of a committed movement, conservatism has largely been a media enterprise, which is fine and dandy for what it is. But we’re not actually on the field of play. People that get elected, people that work in government, people that work at these bureaucracies that have regulation-writing ability with no oversight? I mean, that’s where all this stuff is happening. What we’re doing is trying to alert as many Americans as we can to the truth so they’ll vote gainst this. But think of the left just in terms of sports analysts.

    Think of the left here as the New England Patriots and they’re playing nobody. There’s nobody stopping ’em. The New England Patriots are on the field all the time, and nobody’s stopping them. There may be some bodies out there, but it’s basically the cheerleaders. The cheerleaders are on the sideline trying to fire up the crowd, but the crowd can’t play. The crowd’s in the stands. There’s nothing to stop the New England Patriots. Or put any team out there you want. I picked the Patriots ’cause they’re just on a roll and never lose.

    And then even some of our cheerleaders defect and start cheering for the Patriots! Because they don’t want to be seen, don’t want to be embarrassed for people to realize that they’re on our side. I ran across something that reinforced this today. There is a piece at Breitbart, and it’s by a guy named John Hayward. I remembered the name because John Hayward once wrote a piece in which he discovered that liberalism had found me guilty of the crime of effective conservatism. Now, this article is headlined: “Hayward: Trump Fights the Covington Culture War After Passive Conservatives Surrender.

    In this article he’s describing passive conservatives and their surrender in the battle against those who are undermining American principles, values, and culture. The passive conservatives in Hayward’s view are the Never Trumpers, the country club Republicans, the cruise ship Republicans, the Republicans who bravely advocated, “Stop talking about the social issues — you’re killing us — and focus on fiscal conservatism! That’s how we win.”

    His piece here is literally a tribute to Donald Trump for his fights on these cultural issues, because he’s it on the field. Yeah, he’s got a lot of support here and elsewhere — and, no, don’t misunderstand. I’m not putting what I do down. I’m not saying it’s ineffective. That’s not the point. I’m just saying that the apparatus we’ve all thought that we’re cheering is on the bench! Here’s the lede of his piece here: “Trump will be criticized for wading into the issue” the Covington kids “and ‘making it worse,’ but this is one of the reasons he won the 2016 election.

    “He gets involved in culture battles when bloodless [Republican] protocol is to step back and let the Left have another easy win, or even help them. Passive conservatism was so thoroughly terrorized away from social issues over the past generation that it became reluctant to engage even when liberals are clearly the aggressors and their attacks are utterly dishonest!” It just made me remember all of those times.

    Hell, I went into Pittsburgh for a Sunday Night Football game, the Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens. We’re going out to dinner on Saturday night, and there’s some of the crew. We just lost an election the previous week, and the crew is giving me grief! “The reason we lost was we can’t stop talking about these social issues. You gotta stop it! You’ve gotta tell ’em that they’ve gotta stop it!” I just tried to tell ’em, “If we don’t push back on this, then we’re never gonna push back on anything.”
    I kept hearing, “Look, there are people out there… Most people are social liberal and fiscal conservatives. They’re moderates, and that’s who we have to go get.” I remember being frustrated by it, and then I’d go play golf and I’d hear it from different people. But it was always the same thing. And these are the passive people Mr. Hayward is talking about here who have literally been terrorized and frightened out of opposing any of this stuff.

    “The debate on the passive Right was never about pushing back or fighting, especially not by top-tier Republican officials looking to preserve their ‘electability.’ The only serious topic of discussion was how much ground to yield, how many of the Left’s premises to agree with. The idea was that yielding all cultural battles to the Left would allow Republicans to focus on ‘fiscal conservatism’ and win over moderate voters who only care about pocketbook issues. Curiously, the Left never saw it that way, not for an instant.

    “As we would learn, ceding cultural battles to the Left without a fight, or actively helping them to score a little Strange New Respect and maybe some roundtable seats, made the ‘pocketbook issues’ largely irrelevant. The Left frames everything in moral terms now,” except they get to define moral. Abortion is moral. Getting rid of white privilege and standing up to a bunch of teenagers and beating a drum in their faces and calling them racist pigs? That’s the new morality. The left gets to define it because we walked off the field when morality was being debated.


    RUSH: We’re gonna start in Somerset, New York. This is Kathy. Welcome. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

    CALLER: We love you, Rush, and I am so embarrassed about Governor “Devil Incarnate” Cuomo and the legislature of New York. Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck You Schumer, I’m sure, were behind this also. Killing babies. It is a dark day when you kill a baby, and I’m just so upset. I’ve been thinking of leaving for Tennessee.

    RUSH: Let me ask you a —

    CALLER: I’m out.

    RUSH: Wait. Kathy, let me ask you a serious question. Killing babies, is that…? I know that’s gonna be the result here. Do you really think that is their intent here? Don’t interpret a tone in my voice. Do you think that is their intent, to kill babies?

    CALLER: It’s obvious! (laughs) Yes. They’re serial killers, and they’re making it legal. I mean, everybody knows that a premature baby can be five, six months and survive.

    RUSH: Why do you think they want to do that?

    CALLER: I think they want to control the population and bring in Third World countries and keep the white babies and black babies. I think they’re going for a whole New World Order. We know that.

    RUSH: So they want to eliminate as many, quote-unquote, “native born children” as they can and replace them —

    CALLER: Yes.

    RUSH: — with the flow of people we see from poverty-stricken places all over the world?

    CALLER: Exactly.

    RUSH: Okay.

    CALLER: I mean, already we’ve got a sanctuary state of New York right between Buffalo and Rochester.

    RUSH: I know. No. I just… I’m not disagreeing. I just wanted to make sure I understood where you’re coming from. I appreciate the call.


    RUSH: I have here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a story from the Catholic Herald, and the headline of the piece: “New York Lights the World Trade Center Pink to Celebrate Legalizing Abortion up to Birth.” Pink, of course, is the color of little girls. Now, why does this building exist? Can somebody tell me why the World Trade Center or whatever they now call it…? One World Trade Center. Why does this building exist? Hmm? (interruption) Well, it was built in remembrance of nearly 3,000 people that were murdered in New York City on 9/11!

    That’s why it was built, because the previous two were attacked and destroyed by anti-American jihadis who hijacked our own airplanes and our own air traffic control system (when the government wasn’t shut down) and flew the planes in there, including into the Pentagon. So we got into gear and a decade later, a new building went up to commemorate and remember the 4,000 people who died. How is it now being used? To celebrate the ongoing abortion of tens of thousands of Americans, babies.

    “New York City’s One World Trade Center’s spire was lit pink to celebrate the passing of a law that legalizes abortion for any reason up to birth. The law also allows nondoctors to perform abortions and repeals a legislation recognizing unborn babies over 24 weeks as potential homicide victims. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Catholic, signed the bill … before ordering that the spire of One World Trade Center, as well as bridges and buildings in the state capital of Albany be lit pink in celebration.

    “‘In the face of a federal government intent on rolling back Roe v. Wade and women’s reproductive rights, I promised that we would enact this critical legislation within the first 30 days of the new session — and we got it done,’ Cuomo said.” So they’re celebrating. They’re celebrating. Anybody can do abortions now up to the due date. If the child survives, you can still finish the abortion — and they’re celebrating this with standing ovations.


    RUSH: Back to the phones. Mayville, Michigan. This is Ray. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

    CALLER: (garbled cell) Hello, Rush. With this discussion of abortion, you’ve got my blood pressure off the Richter scale. You know, you talk about the liberals and their immorality of building a wall, and yet we can kill babies all day long, and no big deal.

    RUSH: No. It really isn’t. That’s the thing. It isn’t a big deal. You’re right.

    CALLER: It’s absolutely maddening, utter hypocrisy. I’ll tell you, if we discovered bacteria on Mars tomorrow, the liberals would say, “We just discovered life on Mars,” but yet a fetus is not a life? It’s a precious life.

    RUSH: It’s actually a good point, because the left did go nuts the other day when they found out the Chinese have grown seeds on the dark side of the moon. That means we can move there ’cause earth, you know, is ending. Earth is so bad! Climate change is gonna destroy everything. We can go to the moon now ’cause thee grew some kind of seeds. They’re celebrating seed life.

    CALLER: Yeah. You know, there’s no common sense. It’s not pro-life, pro-choice. It’s pro-life, pro-death. Pro-murder.
    RUSH: Let me ask you a question. Let me ask you a quick question, Ray. Seriously now. And please, don’t infer that I’m trying to answer for you or want a specific answer. Don’t infer anything you might hear in my tone of voice. This is purely a question designed to genuinely get your answer here, what you think. Why do you think the left is so apparently motivated and hell-bent on doing this? Why are they celebrating what constitutes killing hundreds of thousands of babies? What in the world is making them feel celebratory about this? Do you have an answer to that?

    CALLER: No. I don’t know what the agenda of man is. I can’t answer that, you know, probably in the way that you want it answered.

    RUSH: No, no! That’s my point. I’m not looking… I think I can answer it, but I’m not looking for you to agree with me. To me, it’s the fundamental question: Who in the world could want this? Who in the world could advocate for it. Who in the world could start poisoning young kids’ minds that cues they’re the ones that have to grow up and have the abortions in the first place. What do you have to do to erase the God and the conscience from young people that you get hold of starting at kindergarten? Who would want this and why? What is the possible benefit to this? Particularly —

    CALLER: I think it’s what you talked about earlier. They want to erase God right out of their lives, right out of society. They don’t want to answer to a God. They’re void of any kind of wisdom. It just doesn’t make sense at all, and the Bible says, “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.” (garbled)

    RUSH: Well, now, you’re getting close.

    CALLER: Well, take God out of the picture, take God off his rightful throne and leave man to his ways, and we’re gonna end up right where we’re at.

    RUSH: So you would say… If I may paraphrase, you would say that part of this is an open-faced defiance of God?

    CALLER: I believe it, Rush. And I’ll tell you, another one of my pet peeves is our leaders, they’ll get up, they’ll give their speeches, and it always ends with, “God bless America.” You know, it doesn’t work that way. If you’re not gonna give God his rightful in place… You know, America is an exceptional country. We were founded like no other country. “One nation under God.”

    RUSH: They don’t care about any of that. They have no appreciation for that. They have no understanding of it, no appreciation. They’ve got no ties to it, in their minds. You’re talking about stuff that codified slavery and racism and bigotry and homophobia, anti-transgenderism, anti-binary kids, anti-cisgender contrarianism. They’ve got no ties to the founding. There’s nothing romantic about it. There’s nothing historically wonderful about it.

    To them, it was a period of pure evil that they’re finally getting their hands on and rolling back. But that’s another answer. My answer… I have my answer to your question. I just want to hear what other people think ’cause this is… I could ask the question a number of ways. Why are they so celebratory over now the freedom to kill? Why is the freedom to kill such an important political objective? Why do they want to do this? What is the benefit they derive from this?

    I’m sure everybody’s got a legitimate answer to it. I have mine. I’m just curious what other people think, ’cause I think that’s how you have to look at this. I mean, what is it really? What is it that’s happening here? And they’re doing standing ovations after they passed the law, so..? Why? What in the world has been achieved here, in their minds? What is the reason for the happiness and the celebration? ‘Cause you and I can’t relate to it. But clearly it’s making them deliriously happy. There is an answer.

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    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    Now Virginia is joining in on the "abortion until birth" idea, with other states in the wings. Pro-life voters need to wake up and shout the loudest as to the effect illegal immigration will have on enacting pro-life legislation. As state after state turns from red into blue, pro-life gains will disappear , along with many other things near and dear to conservatives. Illegal immigration is the only issue that matters now.
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