Researcher Sandi Adams: The so-called “food transition” is just a war on farmers to control the global food supply

03/14/2024 // Ava Grace // 330 Views

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The so-called "food transition" is nothing more than a globalist-led plot to control the global food supply and to wage a war on farmers.This is according to researcher and expert Sandi Adams, who spoke with Colchester Council Watch about this United Nations-led program to control global food production under the guise of a "food transition."
Officially, "food transition" is a loosely defined term used to describe a transition toward more sustainable ways of producing and consuming food. The very loose definition of this term has allowed nefarious actors to abuse it in ways that lead to harm, especially for farmers around the world.
This has led to farmer-led protests globally, from the Netherlands to India where protests continue. These farmers are increasingly finding it difficult to make a living, whether because of neoliberal trade policies that lead to the import of produce that undermines domestic production and undercuts prices, the withdrawal of state support or the implementation of climate policies that set unrealistic targets.
Adams described the plans for agriculture in England – specifically, in the rural southwest English county of Somerset. She noted how the UN's food transition agenda is being handed down to the region's farmers by an extremely wealthy, unaccountable and unelected group of elites.
"We really have to get farmers to understand where this is going – and that farming will die if we don’t do something now," said Adams. (Related: Farmer protests erupt across Europe over GREEN POLICIES that demand the obliteration of food production.)
"In England, farmers are under pressure, but the worst pressure they are under is that a man from the ministry has visited all the farms, and has said that over the next three years, your subsidies are going to be cut incrementally unless you diversify, and you stop farming meat, dairy, sheep. The farmers were told these will have to be cut and they will have to diversify and set up businesses on their farms," Adams continued.
"It is a way of corporatizing farms. This is a global agenda coming from a United Nations' directive. It has been going on for such a long time. They want to corporatize farming and make it state-owned. Agri-farming has become really big agri-tech farming. Farmers are being paid not to farm so they could set up these huge corporate farms. It will be GMO and it will be focused on robotics."
Food transition agenda making farming impossible

The common thread is that, in one way or another, farming is deliberately being made impossible or financially non-viable. The aim is to drive most farmers off the land and ram through an agenda that by its very nature seems likely to produce shortages and undermine food security.
Integral to this "food transition" is the "climate emergency" narrative, a commentary that has been carefully constructed and promoted and net-zero ideology tied to carbon farming and carbon trading.
Big agribusiness and "philanthropic"’ foundations position themselves as the saviors of humanity due to their much-promoted plans to "feed the world" with high-tech "precision farming," "data-driven" agriculture and "green" (net-zero) production – with "sustainability" being the mantra.
Watch this video discussing how farmers protests are taking place all over the European Union.

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