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NACTS - North American Center for Transborder Studies
Arizon State University

Building North America is a project of the Pan American Partnership for Business Education, in collaboration with the North American Center for Transborder Studies at Arizona State University, and BNA's other partners, the Council of the Americas and the Kansas City International Affairs and Trade Office.

Building North America (BNA) is a website designed to advance teaching and research on North American regional integration by providing a space for professionals in the university, policy, and business communities to access a growing body of research on this fascinating but understudied economic, political and social process. BNA consolidates links to organizations and university-based centers and to government agencies, documents, and data on North American issues, as well as a collection of Teaching Modules - background papers and industry case studies.

Our objective is to encourage instructors to build North American content into their courses in fields including International Political Economy, International Relations, International Business and International Marketing. Here you will also find an Archive of influential papers no longer available online, and a collection of syllabi to further encourage the teaching of North America across disciplines.