RIGGED: Gun Violence Archive designates non-violent incidents as “gun violence”

01/31/2024 // Belle Carter // 590 Views

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The Gun Violence Archive (GVA), a popular go-to statistical source, reportedly rigged its numbers by recording non-violent incidents as part of "gun violence."
A report from TheTruthAboutGuns.com disclosed this deception, adding that this was done to get support from politicians and anti-Second Amendment activists. It noted that "non-violent" incidents have been included as "gun violence" within the website's category for "school shootings."
But in reality, the number of real casualties in such shootings were zero. In a particular incident in Texas that was under the category "school shooting," nobody was shot as the gun in question was found in a vehicle accidentally. Reportedly, a student "drove the parent's car to school," and allegedly "did not know the firearm was in the vehicle."
This triggered concerns on how such incidents could be considered a "school shooting," or further, how an incident in which no one was shot or wounded could be considered to be "gun violence."
Another occurrence was found listed on the website, with a description that an "unloaded gun was found in a locked bag;" while "ammunition was found nearby." "The situation is hardly a unique one either, the outlet observed as in April 2022, a RAND survey discovered that only 123 out of 27,900 gun control studies stood up to rigorous scientific scrutiny," a report on Law Enforcement Today included.
The said controversy went viral on social media and was shared on X, formerly Twitter. The non-profit GV Pedia posted: "The CCW [concealed carry weapons] permit holders being [overwhelmingly] law-abiding is based on highly unreliable/nonsense data. Multiple investigations revealed that official data sources undercount CCW crimes by at least 75-80 percent."
The FPC Action Foundation's Rob Romano directly replied to the post asking: "Hey while you're here, can you explain why your list of "school shootings" is overwhelmingly populated by incidents where no one was shot?" (Related: NRA warns of ATF's gun control proposal, which unjustly criminalizes those selling firearms to family members or friends.)
California infringes on 2A with firearms ban in public areas, including even those with permits

In California, gun owners – even those who have concealed carry permits – are no longer allowed to carry firearms into amusement parks, museums, churches, zoos, banks, public parks and a whole slew of other places. The said restrictions are part of a new state law that took effect earlier in January. However, the said legislation is being challenged by the courts.
Last month, a U.S. district judge blocked the law from taking effect, calling it "repugnant to the Second Amendment." But a federal appeals court put a temporary hold on that ruling over the weekend, allowing the law to proceed for now.
In an interview with "All Things Considered" host Mary Louise Kelly, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) law professor Adam Winkler said that as per gun owners: "When you add up all the different 26 places that are deemed sensitive, effectively it's impossible for someone who has a permit to carry firearms to bring their guns anywhere."
He added that California has been at the forefront of gun safety regulation for decades, but with the new strengthened protections for the Second Amendment coming from the U.S. Supreme Court, a lot of California's laws and innovations are open to question. "Lawmakers really need the certainty that comes from better Supreme Court guidance on what kind of gun laws are allowed under the Second Amendment and what kind of gun laws are not," he said.
The two also discussed the current legislation to be one of the new gun laws that are to go into effect in the Golden State. Winkler added that Gov. Gavin Newsom considers gun safety regulation as a real centerpiece of his political agenda.
"He's backed ballot measures to mandate background checks for ammunition purchases and laws to limit high-capacity magazines and military-style assault rifles. In 2023, Newsom signed into law more than 20 new gun safety measures, including laws raising the age to carry a firearm in public to 21, increasing the training required for concealed carry permits and a new tax on firearms and ammunition," the book author added.
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