The Right Canít Ignore The Rise Of White Supremacy On Campus

DAVID MARCUS Posted at 9:45 pm on February 7, 2018

We need fewer campus appearances from Milo Yiannopoulos and more from David French. We need to hear fewer grievances about the destruction of Western culture and more description of how that culture, with its dedication to liberty, offers the best path forward to a more equal society.

The forces of white supremacy are not as large in number as they once were, but they may well be more sophisticated. More than anything else, they rely on a narrative that colleges are stacked against white people in policies, in admissions, and in teaching. Conservatives must be more circumspect in how we address that perception and narrative.

Jumping on every example of ridiculous policies about who can say, wear, or eat what is great for clicks, but is it making a dent in the way colleges actually treat race? Itís not clear that it is. This is an issue where reasonable people of all political stripes should be able to sit together and find solutions.

The right canít ignore the rise of white supremacy on campus