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Monday, May 29, 2023 by: Kevin Hughes
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(Natural News) Election integrity expert Jovan Hutton Pulitzer joined Ann Vandersteel on the May 22 episode of her Brighteon.TV program “Right Now with Ann Vandersteel” to talk about the ongoing election saga of Kari Lake.
He noted how Lake was able to go back to court to challenge the results of the 2022 gubernatorial elections in the Grand Canyon State. However, Maricopa Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson ultimately rejected the gubernatorial candidate’s lawsuit. According to him, Lake did not provide proof that the signature review process for the county’s mail-in ballots was tainted by misconduct.
But Pulitzer revealed that Lake’s team had actually discovered tremendous problems in the county’s signature verification system. Citing an insider, the election integrity expert noted that hundreds of thousands of signed ballots went into the system. An election supervisor simply went into the system and arbitrarily approved all of them.
“About 250,000 ballots … were truly not subjected to even the most appropriate minimal signature verification, but 77,000 of them absolutely don’t match no matter what,” Pulitzer said. “They should be thrown out and not counted because that’s the procedure. And if that’s the case, [she] supposedly only lost by 17,000 votes.”
According to Pulitzer, his group already had the software that could isolate, compare and match the signatures by the time Lake went to trial. However, Pulitzer and his team were blocked by the Arizona State Senate from doing this election integrity measure. (Related: Dominion CEO LIED! Said voting machines “are not connected to internet” — that was before Jovan Pulitzer broke into a Dominion machine during live testimony using internet.)
Pulitzer’s team noticed that the signature did not match in some of the public documents. Further scrutiny revealed that it was a bogus signature signed by one of the county employees. The election integrity expert ultimately remarked that focusing on signature mismatch exposes the election fraud and federal racketeering behind the scenes.
Real issue lies with the voting machines

Pulitzer told Vandersteel that the real issue lies with Arizona’s voting system having more complications, including those with the machines used on Election Day.
According to him, the machines did not properly scan the ballots. He also questioned the “stick the ballots in this slot” procedure at the polling places – a procedure that, according to him, was not normal. Moreover, the voting machines were never replaced despite election officials being allowed to do so.
“If your ballot didn’t scan, they would try it a couple of times, maybe reprint the ballot. But normal procedure would be to replace the machine.”
Pulitzer also noted the fact that the various elective positions, from the mining inspector down to the treasurer, got more votes than the governor position. In some cases, some of them received 300,000 more votes.
Despite the irregularities, Pulitzer also shared to Vandersteel some positive developments. For one, he disclosed that many voters who showed up to the polling places in person on Election Day were predominantly Republican.
This, he explained, is because they do not trust mail-in voting. Moreover, this tells him that a lot of Arizonans voted straight for the GOP.
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