Ron Paul Polls - Boost Expected

Washington D.C. 7/7/2007 12:03 AM GMT (TransWorldNews - Top Story) had listed Ron Paul as a top tier candidate and removed him after the latest American Research Group rankings still showed him at exactly 1%. Their reasoning for having him listed in the first place was because the primaries are so far away and his online support could not be ignored.

The web site listed a total of 15 candidates and now they are down to 10 candidates. Aside from Ron Paul, the others that were removed from the list were: Joe Biden, Dennis Kucinich, Christopher Dodd, and Newt Gingrich.

"We had reasons for keeping 15 candidates this long but we just have not seen any evidence that their poll numbers were going up. If you only look at early poll numbers to determine the top candidates then John Kerry would not have been on the list in 2000. You would have listed Howard Dean, Joe Lieberman, and Dick Gephardt. But the two candidates that led the pack was John Kerry and John Edwards. That is why we keep the pool of candidates high and trim down to a smaller group as the campaign wears on."

They consider the clock to be ticking for all of the other lower tier candidates more so in this election than in any of the other elections at the same time because of the amount of money that is required to run campaigns these days. They still suggest that Ron Paul's online support cannot be ignored and will be able to catapult him.

"Truthfully, removing Ron Paul from the list was a tough choice and one that we will likely regret because we still predict the candidate to grow in support. We wrote an article published on June 3, 2007 that predicted Ron Paul's support to soon grow to 3-5%. Aside from one poll that had him at 3%, he has still not been able to reach that mark."

The web site says that the recent fundraising news that indicates Paul has more money than McCain gives him a perfect opportunity to boost his name recognition and boost his poll numbers. If he does not, then trouble lies ahead for the campaign. The web site still claims that Ron Paul should soon reach 5% nationally among Republican candidates. ... fault.aspx