The Ruling Class Faked A Pandemic

by Mac Slavo | Feb 7, 2024 | Headline News | 0 comments

Almost four years after the Trump administration declared there was a public health emergency, instituted lockdowns, and convinced the public to mask up everywhere, evidence is piling up that they faked the entire pandemic. The plan was to manufacture compliance with the state and was never about public health.
The data is clear that there was not even an epidemic when the United States government/Trump announced the “public health emergency” based on about 40 cases in China without any significant evidence of real illness or economic impact. State governors announced public health emergencies based on nothing.
Polymerase chain reaction tests were shown to be invalid at best, and hospitals were empty. But that didn’t stop the control freak sociopaths from convincing the majority of the public that there was a “deadly virus” out there and that we all should harm ourselves in order to protect ourselves from it.
The Department of Defense itself admits that they can manufacture a scamdemic whenever they see fit using fear and nothing more. The human cattle have already shown they require no evidence of anything and willingly believe whatever their television tells them.
Let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth. Here is a DOD showman James Giordano. He is not a real scientist, his business is spinning clickbait science propaganda. In this lecture, he is explaining how to fake pandemics in four easy steps in a video from 2017 “Neurotechnology in National Defense”:

Meryl Nass broke down the four easy steps on her Substack.
Step 1: Poison a few people in a few geographic locations (“sentinel cases”) with a drug (chemical toxin or bio-toxin) that causes “highly morbid” central nervous system (CNS) effects. [I told you “COVID” was a synthetic toxin, didn’t I?]
Step 2: Pretend it was “a bug, a virus modified with CRISPR Cas9” (what James means here is – “oops, forget what I just told you 45 seconds ago about A DRUG. I really-really mean a bioengineered GOF virus!!”)
Step 3: Use the “REAL BUG” – the Internet! Broadcast on social media that everyone is infected with a “highly lethal agent” that has “asymptomatic, prodromal effects” – anxiety, sleeplessness, and worry. When you worry – those are the signs that you have a “lethal asymptomatic infection”. M-kay. That means the undergraduate students in a garage someplace released the bioweapon. Or it “leaked” from BSL4 facility in Wuhan (that sounds scarier, doesn’t it?), and it got to you all the way in Iowa. Believe!!!
Step 4: All hypochondriacs and “worried-well” run to their doctors and flood the hospital ERs, yay! Now we can get them with the fake PCR-remdesivir-ventilator protocol! and call it “covid”!
It really is that simple. In fact, author Larken Rose wrote about generating pandemics back in 2005 when his book “How To Be A Successful Tyrant” was published. Listen to him read a part from his book:

Sound Familiar? (

The human slave class is still relatively easy to control.

The Ruling Class Faked A Pandemic | SHTF Plan