Russian Energy Might Is Wilting Bush's Dream Of Energy Hegemony
By Karl Schwarz

One of my email update list members in Australia sent me an excellent article and I sent it on to Jeff Rense to be posted.

This is excellent information, folks, so I suggest you might want to read the article link below and my article as well, so you have the full and complete picture. ... a&aid=9614

Where I'm from, people would say that the US of A is getting what we call a 'Suthern-style ass-whuppin' as to its dreams of global oil and gas hegemony.

That is where the high, mighty and arrogant get taken out behind the barn and get the galvanized crap stomped out of them to achieve an 'attitude adjustment.' That is what's happening right now but Americans will not hear a peep about it from Washington DC or the MSM. The illusion must be kept alive by ignoring the harsh facts of reality, and not letting the American citizens know how bad things really are. And they are REAL bad.

This article linked above pertains to the recent G8 meeting in Hokkaido Japan and how the US (Bush) tried to snub, offend and belittle new Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at those meetings.

Little Lord Bush putting the new Russian president in his place in front of the rest of the G8 members.

Medvedev proposed an excellent idea to the EU but it was not "a Bush idea" and therefore it was not acceptable to US policy.

Timed with the G8 meeting, the US sent the 'little Black Poodle", Condoleezza Rice, out globe-trotting to piss on the feet of the Russian Bear, yapping all the way like the useless appendate she is. They even scheduled DoD military exercises in Georgia for most of July to provide plenty of photo ops for the BushÂ*Rice road show and carny act.

Folks, Russia's Gazprom is the world's largest natural gas company and Dmitry Medvedev used to be the head of that company prior to becoming President Medvedev of Russia. This is not a man to have his shoes peed upon...but Bush and Condi just don't get it. Medvedev now controls Gazprom from the Kremlin since it is mostly "state-owned".

Gazprom is a major Russian weapon in economic and energy terms.

At the rate they are growing, Gazprom may well be THE natural gas powerhouse supplying most of the Eastern Hemisphere in twenty years or less. They are growing THAT fast. Meanwhile, our idiot leaders, and those in UK, cannot complete anything. All talk, no substance, nothing delivered but mayhem, hot air and excuses, and one useless photo op after another.

But soil Medvedev they did - both Bush at the G8, and then Rice in the Czech Republic and Georgia.

The Gazprom juggernaut has made major gains since 9-11 in Europe, the Caspian Basin, North Africa, and other areas of Africa - while BushCo keeps scheduling one useless press conference after another and announcing nothing...because it has nothing to announce!

Almost 8 years, our 'leaders' remain stuck on STUPID while foundering in rampant arrogance and incompetence. Thatis the Bush Administration and the legacy he will leave behind for America when he goes 'off his watch'.

Whether we get Obama or McCain next, there will be no change, just more stuck on stupid, while the rest of the world marches forward.
Whichever one of these turkeys does 'win' the November election, he is going to wish he hadn't. The next president of the United States will get 4 or 8 years of dealing mountains of Bush/Cheney dirty diapers, and worldwide hatred and blowback due to the Bush policy of war, genocide, and supreme arrogance.

First Rice went to the Czech Republic to "seal the deal" on the totally useless Bush Missile 'Defense' Shield. That bogus 'defense shield' is clearly and blatantly an OFFENSIVE threat to Russian strategic missile forces and cannot possibly stop anything from Iran, if, when and "never" Iran were to attack the EU.

Out in the real world, it is a simple fact of life that many of the EU nations get a very large percentage of their energy from Iran.

Their biggest "utility company" is Russia. No nation is going to launch missiles at some of its biggest customers. Another Bush lie if one digs just 1 inch deep past the hollow rhetoric.

Hint: Russia and Iran recently signed a mega-deal on oil and natural gas and no matter what Bush or the US does, Iranian natural gas and oil will still be powering the EU along with Russia even if it has to flow through Russia to get there.

That is a fact of life in the EU. Bush and Blair have delivered absolutely nothing but hot air...and not the kind that heats homes or power cars and industry.

Russia has already made it clear they will counter the Bush Missile Shield follymilitarily. Make no mistake, there are many millions of very unhappy people in Europe because Bush is such a juvenile punk that he would be so offensive and confrontational with Russia since he can't get his way in Iraq or Afghanistan or the Caspian Basin, nor can he attack Iran as he and Israel long to do.

The Russians have already cut the Czech Republic oil supplies by 50% to remind them who heats their homes and powers their economy and cars.

It is not the fault of Russia or Iran that George W Bush is a colossall failure. W is the sole reason for his failures and needs no help from anyone in creating them. He is 'The Decider' - always decisive...and always wrong.

Wake up to reality, America. These people in DC are nothing less than criminally psychotic and stupid. And they are certifiably insane if they think they are the true leaders of this world. The world laughs and mocks our leaders and has no intentions of kneeling to them.

We were also treated to our utterly useless Secretary of State jetting over to Georgia to assure the world that the US is 100% behind Georgia and its membership bid in NATO. During her little tour was when Iran launched those test missiles...which, of course, caused the little Black Poodle to schedule another press conference to reiterate to the world that the US was 100% behind Israel, too.

Since the "world's only purported Superpower" has proven itself impotent and has accomplished exactly nothing since 9-11, most of the world knows that the words of Bush, Cheney and Rice are not worth the price of a cup of coffee.

Folks, ugly is getting uglier by the day for America and its Grand Chessboard for its Global 'War on Terror='...for its Oil, Gas and Pipeline Follies which have now reached the point of being far beneath even the worst theater. Their grand scheme is a complete and total failure. Bush does not want to admit it; Bush and Congress do not want Americans to wake up to the realities or the gravity of the situation.

It would be comical if the long-term implications were not such that the United States of America is soon going to find itself mired in nothing but "stupid debt" - wasted and plundered for the fraudulent Global War on Terror. To add insult to injury, now they intend to lead the bailout of the Zionist banksters on home mortgage fraud, derivatives and stupid bets, sucking the US economy into Second or Third World Status like a Black Hole due to the myopia and sheer incompetence, arrogance, fraud, and stupidity our leaders.

The party is over and it is time to pay the tab. The only problem is the macho revelers are all broke.

I remember back in the third grade being forced to learn all of the US states, capitals, rivers, mountain ranges, and where they were on the map, etc. I always had this nagging question in back of my mind Â* "Why do I need to know this? For trivia pop quizzes in the future?"

Then, about 3 years later, I had to learn the entire global map, all nations, capitals, major cities, rivers, mountain ranges, provinces, states, languages, gulfs, seas and oceans. I remember thinking to myself that I will be very well prepared for Jeopardy when and if it ever comes my way.

The pace of the news, including bad news for America, has picked up considerably this year. It is either like the difference between gentle waves on the beach versus a mile high inbound tsunami, or the difference between a gentle breeze and an F5 tornado right square in the face of every American.

The tempo is way up and the bad news is spreading faster than a California wildfire. I have been watching and most US news sources are predictably silent on some major things, less they spook the American Sheeple into a stampede.

Why is the US so behind Georgia, and so desirous of making Georgia the next member of NATO? Even with a cursory look at a map one can learn that it is on the east end of the Black Sea as far away from the North Atlantic and Europe as it can be. But it is of "national strategic significance" to the US?

I submit it is actually only significant to save George Bush's butt before he leaves office. Big Oil has many billions on the line and already invested in the Caspian Basin and thus far, the Great Decider has delivered nothing but nightmares and bad news for America. And mass death in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The fact that Barack Obama is raising much more money than John McCain suggests to me that many of these big major corporations are already backing up from the abyss, preparing to take massive hits, and at the same time demanding Bush get off his arrogant ass and fix his mess.

This idiot in the Oval Office is like a bad dream that just will not go away. When I see Bush on TV, the only words that come to mind any more are 'pathetic' and 'despicable.'

Study this map of the REAL Caspian Basin region for a moment and then pick up again below the map.

If you did memorize that map and are unemployed, apply to either DIA, DoD, CIA or the White House for a job because they apparently have no one there who can read that map.

First off, the Caspian Sea is bordered by only five (5) nations; Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Russia; the only ally of that bunch being Azerbaijan.

Little Georgia is primarily bordered by The Great Bear of Russia on the north and little Christian Armenia and Islamic Azerbaijan to the south.

That is why our little poodle Secretary of State had to rush over to Georgia and piss on the feet of the Bear and yap like the good little doglet she is. That was after going to the Czech Republic, too. regarding that obvious strategic threat to Russia and yet another photo op.

Meanwhile, as I mentioned previously, Bush could not resist insulting the new Russian president at the G8 meetings. Trust me. this was all timed just for the G8 meetings.

Now that you have memorized that map of how things are really situated around the Caspian Sea/Caspian Basin "mother lode" of oil and natural gas, remember what I have written about recently.

The US plans to cross the Caspian Sea from Kazakhstan or Turkmenistan, through Azerbaijan, through Georgia to get a pipeline through to the Black Sea so they can finally declare "Mission Accomplished" on something, other than idle photo op rhetoric - thus far confined pretty much to the essence of nothingness.

They tried in March 2008 to manipulate the Armenia elections so they could route the pipeline through Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey to get to the Black Sea (and the Mediterranean) but failed to achieve the "CIA objective". When the CIA brats threw a 'mission specific tantrum' and tried to stir up an Orange Revolution (because they failed) it was immediately put down and Armenia is still aligned with Russia and Iran, not the US.

So, Georgia is on the 'hot seat' for a Bush Co pipeline, since the US planners managed to "hem themselves in" and cannot get a pipeline from Turkmenistan, through Afghanistan and Pakistan to the ocean. Georgia is their only other way out, unless, and I emphasize "unless" they change policies and route it south across IRAN to the ocean.

Most of us saw the recent news that the US intends to open a 'diplomatic mission' in Tehran.

Had our Great Decider taken that step in 2001 instead of waiting until the end of his pathetic 8 years in office, there would have not been a need to do September 11, 2001.

Since this Diplomatic Mission reverses almost 30 years of hostile US policy towards Iran, it shows how desperate the Bush Administration truly is at this time.

Since the US has managed to stir up a hornet's nest in both Afghanistan and Pakistan (ruling out the pipeline from Turkmenistan to the ocean) and since the US cannot seem to resist offending Russia, Iran might be its only way out of the mess BushCo has made of things. Russia could crush tiny Georgia in about 24 hours if they so wished. Putting a pipeline through there is not strategically safe if they persist in angering and insulting Russia over and over again.

Most Bears are pretty patient, until they are provoked into action. And then things get ugly, fast.

Almost 7 years and trillions of dollars wasted and the BushCo war/s have accomplished nothing other thank mayhem, mass death, maiming and human suffering and destruction on an enormous scale. On top of that, the US has destabilized the entire world because a weak US dollar equals very high oil prices. The more debt they keep piling upon debt, the weaker the dollar gets.

It is bad enough what they have already done in wasted money (trillions of unnecessary war debt) and have destroyed the value of the dollar and the overall integrity of the United States. Once they bail out Wall Street, the banks, the mortgage companies - and leave the rest of America flapping in the breeze - the dollar will get weaker (due to debt on debt on trillions of debt) and drive up oil prices more.

I am not sure what you know about economics, but basically we are financing our own demise through needless debt and financial greed and imbecility. High oil prices are fueling the growth of others entities, and gutting America like being skinned with a dull deer antler.

What is really sad are so many lost opportunities, and that someone in the US thought pulling off September 11, 2001 was a good way to get what they wanted.

There are days I swear the USA must have Forrest Gump in charge of strategic planning for the CIA, DoD and the White House.

As Gump said, 'stupid is as stupid does.'

Of course, all of this poodle peeing, posturing and yapping is going on because, to this day, the US does not have a pipeline across Afghanistan, which is why they attacked Afghanistan in the first place, and blamed it on 9-11. The US still does not have a pipeline across Georgia. They are still stuck in the mud and have no one to blame for that mess but themselves.

If you do not know what I am referring to, read the last article on on that matter, and the first article in this recent series.

They US has run into a problem that is potentially even more serious than Georgia and the incessant friction between US lies and the fake Global War on Terror, and Russia out-performing Bush with its eyes closed.

The Caspian Sea is a major source of food for that entire region and all of the nations, including US-controlled Azerbaijan 'object' to the US running that pipeline across the Caspian Sea just to bail Bush's imperial ass out of the fire he created. This is a landlocked sea and a major oil spill would be a huge environmental catastrophe to the area and to the food supply of all the peoples in the area. This would not be a small pipeline, it would be a large pipeline - and more than one since both oil and natural gas have to be transported to the ports for shipment.

If the US thugs can't get a pipeline across the Caspian Sea and through Georgia to the Black Sea, or get the pipeline from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan and Pakistan to the ocean, folks, everything in the Caspian Basin for the past 10 years will have been in total vain.

You may soon be reading about US and UK Big Oil having "liquidation sales" and talking huge multi-billion losses and write downs on their entire Grand Chessboard escapade if the US manages to screw up a deal with Iran like they have everything else in that region of the world.

Since they based the entire escapade on lies, deceit, the totally fraudulent Global War on Terror, I personally think we are about to get a bath in 'red ink' that is well deserved, or there will be huge shifts in US policy coming that are long overdue.

I can hear the Likudists and Neocon Zionists screaming at the top of their lungs from thousands of miles away. Some of them are about to go apoplectic that BushCo is going to have to cut a deal with Iran, whether any of them like it or not.

I sent out a map in an email update that is the current Bridas Corporation map...that Argentina company just keeps marching right along.

The reason I used the simpler map in "The Pyrrhic Victory of The Great Decider" is so Americans could get the simple logistics issues of this "Pipeline War" clear in their heads.

Folks, we are not just losing this pipeline and energy war, the US is being routed. It is like one of those football games when #1 shows up to play an unknown and is humiliated in a 35-0 defeat.

That happens when #1 arrogantly walks in thinking it is 'a walk in the park' and the underdog shows up and crams a game plan and preparation down their throats. That is what is happening to America right now.

This map tells a simple story. We, the USA, are getting our asses kicked in the entire Caspian Basin area by a company from Argentina which is apparently getting along fine with everyone in the entire region.

Bridas Corporation is now the main pipeline player in the entire Caspian Basin and Bush has yet to complete even 1 foot of a pipeline related to the Caspian Basin fiasco. Meanwhile, Russia, Bridas and Iran have completed thousands of miles of pipelines and are rocking right along.

It has occurred to me many times that Bush should call Bridas if he wants to get a pipeline done. But he cannot do that because then it would come out that they had Afghanistan under contract and Bush breached their contract with military force.

Bush cannot turn to Bridas without indicting himself for murder and treason, and war crimes.

The US did get one pipeline done from Azerbaijan through Turkey to the Mediterranean but that is 'Bush League' compared to the Major League oil and gas reserves on the other side of the Caspian Sea.

On both the "current Bridas Corporation map" and in the article, it is also announced that Gazprom and Libya have just entered into a contract to run a pipeline across the Mediterranean to supply additional natural gas to the EU.
(Commercial contracts and pens decking the world's purported 'only Superpower' again and again.)

It is even worse than that. Once it gets to the EU, if the US can ever get any oil or gas to the EU, the US will have lost that battle as well. Said another way, the US "major market share" is now gone...and in instead being supplied by Russia, Iran, Libya, Algeria, etc.

Ever since 9-11, the US and UK have been the key proponents of the Nabucco pipeline into and across Europe. Bush and Blair were promising a mother lode of oil and gas from the Caspian Basin, but...they failed.

That is the 'red' pipeline on the map below. It is dead. They have delivered nothing, not the financing, the oil and natural gas to put through it or even effectively assembled the team and right of way.

Too busy out lying about their fraudulent Global War on Terror and scurrying around to cover themselves on what are now their glaringly apparent lies, genocide and war crimes.

Hungary recently pulled out of Nabucco and joined the Russian pipeline consortium - the 'blue' pipeline known as South Stream. Austria is in the process of doing the same since their national energy company OMV was to be the terminal end of yet another failed Bush and Blair pipe dream.

Just to show you how presumptively and prematurely stupid our government truly is, note the red "Y" on the east end of proposed US "red" pipeline. That upper part of the "Y" is Armenia as if they already had that in the bag, and do not.

These losers and morons make such erroneous assumptions because the US offered Armenia an arms deal (declined) and the CIA was over there to throw the election in the direction the US wanted it to be (failed).

Meanwhile, the Blue Team Pipeline (aka: Russia South Stream) is moving forward without delay and, of course, has virtually unlimited oil and natural gas to deliver.

When the EU and Bush tried to put Kosovo independence in the way recently, Russia just walked around it and kept right on making progress.

Due to my business, I have to watch a lot more than just the US.
In fact, where I am and what I do (nanotechnology, 8 nations) necessitates that I watch just about everything but the US. The only thing I watch regarding the US is what stupid thing are they going to do next in the Eastern Hemisphere and exacerbate an already screwed up game plan from the outset.

However, I am uniquely positioned to see how these plans have failed - and why. It does not bode well for America and in hindsight, basing this entire fiasco on lies, schemes, etc has now proven to be profoundly incompetent. When you add in that they triggered 9-11 so they could launch this stupidity, it is also murderous and treasonous in the extreme.

The policies of America are wrong-headed. The leadership of America is far too pathetic to ever straighten out the mess they alone have created.

America is at that proverbial "Y" in the road and I am convinced the government will go the wrong way, it always does.

Either American citizens are going to have to fix it or they will bear the bitter, grueling consequences for many decades.