Russian top official tells the truth about Big Pharma and engineered bioweapons (while US officials LIE to protect pharma crooks)

Tuesday, June 07, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, told in a recent interview that Western pharmaceutical companies are behind the spread of many dangerous diseases, including the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).
Calling the Fauci Flu “man-made,” Patrushev explained that the so-called virus was likely made in Pentagon laboratories with the assistance of a number of major Big Pharma companies. He also linked the Clintons, the Rockefellers, George Soros and the Biden Crime Family to such endeavors.
“Instead of caring for the health of mankind,” reads an English translation of Patrushev’s words, “Washington spends billions on the study of new pathogens. In addition, Western medicine is increasingly practicing genetic engineering, synthetic biology methods, thereby blurring the line between artificial and natural.”
Since Russia stands starkly against these kinds of things, the West continues to demonize that country, Patrushev went on to state. He explained that the Western agenda “has not changed for centuries” as Western powers continue “to dictate their terms to the world, boorishly trampling on the sovereign rights of states.”
“Covering their actions with words about the struggle for human rights, freedom and democracy, they are actually implementing the doctrine of the ‘golden billion,’ which suggests that a limited number of people can flourish in this world,” Patrushev went on to state.
“The destiny of the rest, as they believe, is to bend their backs in the name of their goal.”
The U.S. and the U.K. are engineering the current global economic crisis for their own gain (of course)

In order to increase the wealth and welfare of magnates in London and on Wall Street, the United States and the United Kingdom, Patrushev revealed, “controlled by big capital,” are intentionally demolishing the global economy, which will doom millions of people in Africa, Asia and Latin America to starvation.
They are doing this, Patrushev further explained, by depriving the poorest and most reliant countries in the world of necessities such as grain, fertilizer and energy, all the while blaming Russia for their own evil machinations.
“By their actions they are provoking unemployment and a migration catastrophe in Europe,” Patrushev said. “Uninterested in the prosperity of European states, they are doing everything to make them disappear from the pedestal of economically developed countries.”
“And for unconditional control over this region, the Europeans were put on a chair with two legs called NATO and the EU, disdainfully watching how they balance.”
Since Western tyrants refuse to stop their maniacal quest to take over the world and subdue everyone who is not them underneath the heavy boot of authoritarianism, Russia may have no choice but to take on the entirety of NATO in what would probably become World War III.
The West has only itself to blame for this, just to be clear. Russia’s “special operation” in Ukraine, which seeks to root out the Big Pharma-Pentagon-military-industrial complex stranglehold on Ukraine, is not being received well by countries like the U.S., the U.K., Poland and Germany, all of which have been served notice by Russia to back off, or else.
“All the goals set by the President of Russia will be fulfilled,” Patrushev explained about how Russia has no plans to stop this mission until it has been completed.
“It cannot be otherwise, since truth, including historical truth, is on our side. Not for nothing that General Skobelev once said that only our country can afford such a luxury as to fight out of a sense of compassion. Compassion, justice, dignity are powerful unifying ideas that we have always put and will put at the forefront.”
The full interview with Patrushev is available at The Saker.
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Russian top official tells the truth about Big Pharma and engineered bioweapons (while US officials LIE to protect pharma crooks) –