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    Rutgers Goes Sharia Compliant After Muslim Brotherhood Student Group Make THIS Sharia

    Rutgers Goes Sharia Compliant After Muslim Brotherhood Student Group Make THIS Sharia Demand

    Posted by Melissa Davis /
    April 30, 2016

    Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey, is the eighth oldest in the nation, founded ten years before the colonies declared their independence from Britain, and consistently ranked in the top 25 universities in the country.

    Presumably, such a distinguished institution of higher learning would be able to teach its students an understanding of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution:“Congress shall make no law… or abridging the freedom of speech…”
    Yet in another capitulation to Muslims who do not hold such guarantees dear and look to erase them from our public life, Rutgers’ student newspaper not only apologized for a depiction of Muhammad in an issue, but actually reprinted the issue without the offending image.

    In fact, the university tracked down and destroyed every issue that could be found.

    The Gleaner published a drawing of Muhammad, Buddha and Jesus in a bar, triggering a demand from the Muslim Brotherhood campus group – yes, there really is a Muslim Brotherhood presence on the campus of the New Jersey state university – that the image be deleted.

    “Even though freedom of speech and press is emphasized and is something all of us value as proud Americans, the University prides itself on diversity of people of different faith and backgrounds so we feel that it is necessary to respect those faiths and backgrounds by honoring their beliefs.”

    Despite the reference to “all of us as proud Americans,” the Muslim Students Association turns the concept of freedom of speech on its ear making it something more like freedom from speech instead.

    Editor-in-Chief Christopher Church issued an apology and in a particularly Stalin-esque move to rewrite history, the entire issue was reprinted without the cartoon.

    The student body might not appreciate future demands by an increasingly empowered Muslim Brotherhood group that could find sandals and shorts offensive, demand an end to co-ed classes, or ban homosexuals.

    In an atmosphere where even the pretense of offense must be avoided at all costs, including the abdication of our guaranteed rights, every capitulation is a step toward the tyranny the Founding Fathers feared.

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    muslims everywhere is part of the agenda -

    GW obviously had a part in the muslim connection/expansion as divulged by 9/11 investigations & he brought tens of thousands of muslims here & those here already helped him win the election, the opening of our borders wide (the more illegals, the more chaos as they fill the country with them & muslims).

    O, of course, is a muslim, with a homosexual history as well as smoking crack and part of organizations that are for the "redistribution of wealth". His racism has been displayed many times.

    So now we have dangerous transgender bathrooms that ANY male can slip into the ladies room to appease a small population % of transgenders (also makes youths, mentally challenged persons easy prey to perverted ones as they can go in either bathroom)

    Then the influx of 200k more muslims from jihadist countries that he is proposing to vet only 3 months and is trying to extended to ALL family members can come for each one (siblings, parents, grandparents). That is possibly at least 12 FOR EACH ONE & for a couple 24 refugees per, all on the dole with more benefits that an American citizen.

    The changing of our money to a purposeful slant towards black images, not just one bill but additions to the back of other bills. Who the hell is he to change our money around, our bathrooms, our immigration policies. He is also responsible for ISIS or ISIL as he calls it which is a direct insult that Israel is in the levant area, a muslim area.

    His release of criminals, legal & illegal, are a lot of drug dealers and he apparently has a lot of sympathy for them being an ex crack user & president of his "Shroom Club" of reefer heads. They were penalized if they didn't hold their hit in long enough. And just an asinine approach to quality of life, citizen safety etc. He is totally incompetent and elected officials have done not enough to get rid of him and his edicts.

    Short video at the abc link

    George W. Bush’s waste-of-American-lives war in Iraq has already assured that Michigan has received up to 60,000 new Iraqi refugees–many of them Muslims–a year plopped onto our entitlement rolls and into our job market at cut-throat wages.

    Obama Imported 300,000 Muslims Into the US in 2013

    ByPamela Geller on January 10, 2015

    Study: Mideast Immigrants to US Pose Huge Security Threat,” September 25, 2014

    A new study shows that the number of immigrants in the United States jumped 3 percent in three years — to a record 41.3 million in 2013 — and that the nearly 300,000 who came from Muslim countries pose a major national security threat, the report’s co-author told Newsmax on Thursday.

    “All of that does raise national security concerns, and I don’t think there has been any consideration of that,” said Steven Camarota, research director for the Center for Immigration Studies.

    The Washington-based nonprofit organization released the study on Thursday. It is based on an analysis of Census data from 2010 to last year. Camarota conducted the study and co-authored it with CIS demographer Karen Zeigler.

    “The primary threat from a group like ISIS to the homeland is through our immigration system,” Camarota said, referring to the Islamic State terrorist group that has beheaded three Westerners in recent weeks.

    “No one’s suggesting that they’re going to launch a missile and hit New York, but rather they’re going to board an airliner and blow it up,” he added. “They’re going to park a car in a public place, they’re going to go on a shooting spree, or any one of those things.

    “Our immigration system is a vital part of national security. Everybody doesn’t seem to recognize that,” Camarota said. “The question is, what are the implications of our rapidly growing Middle Eastern population? The numbers certainly raise it.”

    The CIS report shows that the United States was home to a record 41.3 million legal and illegal immigrants last year. That was up nearly 1.4 million from the 39.9 million in 2010, while the number was 31.1 million in 2000.

    By comparison, the U.S. immigrant population stood at 9.6 million in 1970.
    About 16 percent of the U.S. population last year was foreign-born, whether in the country legally or illegally, according to the data. That’s about one in eight residents, or one of every six adults.

    “Those numbers reflect two basic facts: an extremely high level of legal immigration, a very permissive legal immigration system — and they also reflect a failure to control illegal immigration,” Camarota said.

    “Somewhere between a fourth and a third of those immigrants are here illegally.”

    The largest number of immigrants in the United States are Mexicans, with more than 11.5 million living here illegally and legally last year. The number of Mexican immigrants fell by 126,126 — or 1 percent — over the period because of some dying and others leaving the country, Camarota said.

    According to the study, the Middle Eastern population grew by 207,758 in the period, or 13 percent, to more than 1.8 million last year. That compared with 1.6 million in 2010 and 1.1 million in 2000.

    Leading the growth from that region was Saudi Arabia, with 43,878 immigrants — nearly double the number who were in the U.S. in 2010. The analysis shows that 88,894 Saudis lived in this country last year.

    Iraq was next, with about 41,094 immigrants, for a 26 percent increase to a total of 200, 894.

    But the total number of immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries totaled 295,743 in the period, according to the CIS study. That was up by 13.5 percent.

    The total number of immigrants from primarily Muslim countries in the U.S. was more than 2.4 million last year, compared with 2.1 million in 2010 and 1.5 million in 2000.
    Camarota attributed the rise in Mideast immigration to myriad U.S. policies, whether they granted asylum or refugee status to people from the region or involved the nation’s defense forces.

    “Once there is a presence, the possibility of going to the United States becomes a much more realistic possibility,” he said. “The presence of the United States in a country in a big way, whether it’s Afghanistan or Iraq, tends to spur immigration.” Overall, however, the Middle East is only fourth among regions of the world from where people emigrate to the U.S.

    The leader is south Asia, which was up 372,546, or 16 percent, to 2.7 million; east Asia, up 364,909, or 5 percent, to 7.8 million; and the Caribbean, up 223,011, or 6 percent, to more than 3.9 million immigrants.

    China is No. 1 in east Asia, with 217,305 people coming from that country in the period, or 10 percent, for a total of 2.3 million last year. India is the leader in south Asia, with 254,355, or 14 percent, to more than 2 million.

    More people came to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic than any other Caribbean country, with 111,859, or 13 percent, to a total of 991,046 last year.

    From Central America — the nexus of the border crisis that has led to hundreds of thousands of illegals, especially minors traveling alone, crossing the Rio Grande into south Texas in recent months — the number of immigrants jumped by 113,744, or 3.7 percent, over the three years.

    The number of immigrants from the region in the U.S. surpassed 3.1 million last year.
    The biggest number, 71,469, came from Guatemala. That marked an 8.6 percent surge, for a total of 902,293. Next was El Salvador, up 3.1 percent, or 38,018; and then Honduras, up 2.1 percent, or 11,017, to a total of 533,598.

    “It just reminds us of how enormous the immigrant population is and what a large share of the population it is,” Camarota told Newsmax.

    “We can’t let our immigration system, like that of the U.K.’s, be used as a vehicle for jihadism and growing pockets of radicalism spreading in our own towns.”

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