Scientific Poll: Only 29% Of Americans Trust Mainstream Media

Record numbers say they distrust a media dominated by corporate interests

Steve Watson
Monday, Sept 14, 2009

A new poll by the Pew Research Center has reveled that almost two thirds of Americans do not trust the mainstream media to deliver the truth, marking a 20+ year low.

63%, the vast majority of the over 1500 respondents to the survey, stated that the news media is dominated by special interests, rendering it biased and inaccurate.

When Pew first asked the question in 1985, the figure was 34%.

Now in 2009, just 29% say they trust the media to deliver straight facts.

The figures also represent a decline in trust in the media by a further 10% from 2007 numbers.

Perhaps this trend has something to do with the fact that the major networks, essentially owned by just five companies, have become little more than government mouthpieces.

Take ABC for example, the network that completely turned over its news coverage to the government for an Obama healthcare special last June, and excluded any dissenting opinions from airing.

The latest example of corporate media lies came this weekend as up to two million Americans protesting against unchecked federal government power was uniformly reported in the mainstream as a few thousand “teabaggersâ€