The segregation of the jabbed and unjabbed is the next stage of the tyrannical ‘new normal’

Saturday, December 11, 2021 by: News Editors

(Natural News) You are surely well aware of the divide that has cemented itself in society as a result of vaccination segregation. Not all people who chose to take the experimental COVID jab are afraid of the unjabbed, and more than a few are quite critical of the segregation measures that have been implemented.
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However, it cannot be ignored that public health officials have done everything they could to drive a fear-based hysteria of the unvaccinated as some sort of disease-peddling class of unclean citizens.
How many times have we heard terms like “pandemic of the unvaccinated”? There is no evidence for this, in fact there is growing evidence to the contrary. The dreaded Omicron variant – which causes common cold-like symptoms – has been spread round the world by the vaccinated. And more and more regions are now finding that COVID-positive vaccinated patients are filling up death tallies.
Nonetheless, in an age of double speak and memory holes, unhinged health tyrants like Australia’s Dan Andrews have continued pushing the narrative of a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

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Just when it appears Michael Gunner was winning the stakes of full on Australian psycho Dan Andrews pops back up with his rugby ball head:
“The more we can keep people who are not vaccinated away from those who are…then the safer we will be”
The logical conclusion of such a mentality is that those who are vaccinated should not be around those who are not vaccinated. It is the logical conclusion of an illogical premise, however. If considered for just moment, the insinuation that the vaccinated are not safe around the unvaccinated is like saying that the jab will protect you from the virus, but not from people who may or may not have the virus.
This isn’t much different than saying that wearing a helmet will protect your head from trauma, but not from other people who don’t wear helmets and may or may not have hit their heads.
At any rate, reason and rationality are not required in the COVID era, and Andrews’ sentiments have been echoed to an alarming degree by the man in charge of public health for the province of Ontario.
Dr. Kieran Moore has consistently been one of the most egregious disseminators of anti-unvaccinated propaganda in the anglosphere.
A montage that has gone viral (pun intended) presents a collection of the various claims he has made since the summer about the dangers of the unvaccinated walking among us.

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Since August, Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Kieran Moore has repeatedly used aggressive and frightening language when referring to those who've chosen not to receive a C19 vaccine.Dr. Moore must resign, and apologize to Canadians. Please watch and share

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11:02 AM · Dec 8, 2021

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The segregation of the jabbed and unjabbed is the next stage of the tyrannical ‘new normal’ –