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Thread: Senator Rand Paul Exposes Waste, Rejects Wasteful Budget Deal

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    Senator Rand Paul Exposes Waste, Rejects Wasteful Budget Deal

    Senator Rand Paul Exposes Fraud, Rejects Wasteful Budget Deal

    (Quick notes. Go to CSPAN or elsewhere to view his floor speech in its entirety and without error)

    Senator Paul speaks on the Senate Floor

    February 8, 2018

    Afghanistan given money for natural gas to reduce carbon. They didn't have natural gas cars. We gave them those. They didn't have money for gas. We gave them U.S. Credit cards. American taxpayers paid for all of this.

    National science wastes big time.

    800,000 for cricket league in Afghanistan, but the problem is no tv
    Are we buying televisions,

    School lunch waste
    158 million dollars in Los Angeles for school lunch, Not spent on that but other items

    Talking about the Golden Fleece awards by William Proxmire during 1960s on waste and fraud.

    Video game on climate change from national science

    Selfies and happiness while taking them study

    Streetcar named waste, nowhere to where, cost a fortune 1.6 million dollars

    24 kids brought to Dollywood and space camp from Pakistan

    250, 000 Spent but not for kids in Appalachia

    29 million of heavy equipment lost in Afghanistan

    Blew up a lot of it, too

    Spend whatever is not tied down

    Foreign policy, not enough money for 7 wars,

    Maybe 2 or 3

    When politicians tell us to plant a flag and build a nation

    Build some places 4 or 5 times

    Give a trillion dollars

    Will people do anything if you keep doing it for them

    Soldiers killed in Niger, we have 800 troops there,

    We aided modern Syrian Rebels, got our tanks, didn't want to attack ISIS but take back Golan Heights

    Trained ten fighters for 250 million dollars

    How long is long enough in Iraq, forever

    Can we afford it

    What about nation building at home

    Yemen 17 million people live near starvation, Saudi Arabia has them surrounded, we gave them money,

    Founders didn't like war, saw perpetual war in Europe,

    Royal families related and fighting,

    In constitution it says we are to declare war,

    Madison said executive most prone to war, to be determined by Congress,

    Why are we in seven wars, we don't vote on it, not since 2001,

    Process broken, money burned, lost, thrown in a closet,

    Should have vigorous debate,

    Profound moral decision as if you are going or your kids are going,

    Agreed on Pearl Harbor and on 9/11,

    Not voting now,

    Debt ceiling is limitation on something we should spend

    700 page bill no one read, allows debt ceiling to go up,

    We break rules now, devious,

    Go up without limitation,

    The more obstacles to spend money you don't have the better,

    The media doesn't get it, it will loot the treasury, a trillion dollar deficit this year,

    Everyone of you went after president Obama, say they are fiscally conservative,

    You own your own labor, give up some to live in civilized world,

    Give up a little for law and order and Liberty,

    Minimize spending,

    Article 1, section 8,

    Bill of .rights, 9th and 10th amendment,

    If constitution doesn't give power, left up to states,

    Obey the constitution we would have balanced budget,

    Cheer bipartisan bill for one trillion dollars, misguided on compromise and civility and the waste continues,

    Stock market jittery,

    Could be higher interest rates, social security and Medicare,

    Interest payments grow and cried out other things,

    800 billion dollar interest payment,

    100 percent of GDP, may reach point if no return,

    Offer bill later this year to freeze spending, would balance the budget in 5 years,

    Are you happy with people who care more about clasping hands,

    Asking colleagues and those across the country, whAt is government for,

    Rights come from God,

    Government is to preserve your Liberty,

    They shouldn't be stealing from you,

    Take from one and give to another, but is it good for the person,

    Self esteem from achievement,

    Merit based immigration, merit in so many jobs,

    Destroying self esteem brings other problems,

    Not working and disease comes from it,

    Do you want government to protect your God given liberties,

    Coveting material things versus seeking self esteem through creativity,

    Saddened, saddened by my side, too,

    I don't want government to shutdown,

    You have 12 months for appropriations, government would take one percent if not done,

    Evaluate for waste,

    Few, defined, limited functions of government,

    Nothing about education, state better,

    Dept of commerce could be gone, save 35 billion dollars,

    Cannot amend the bill, 700 page bill the night before,

    Binary choice, could not look my wife in the eye, others,

    Okay if republicans,


    Will vote at 3 in the morning,

    Should have 20 votes, no amendments, secret cabal in leadership,

    American people are losing,

    Need individual appropriations,

    From 1968 Holden Fleece,

    700 thousands to decide

    Japanese quail more sexual promiscuous on cocaine,
    350,000 to study this,

    We don't look at bills,

    Dozens and dozens of people come to say I like this part of the bill,

    Choice is shut it down or vote for Bill, do not reform it,

    Talked to 50 senators recently who said this is not good, last time I am going to do this,

    Pass one, like defense, then you don't have to worry about it shutting down,

    We have done it 4 times recently,

    When elected we should say we will have hearings for 3 months,stop giving money to study cocaine for Japanese quail,

    700,000 to find out what Neil Armstrong actually said on the moon. Never came to conclusion.

    Give National Science less money,

    Post Office - Losing one billion dollars a quarter, wanted to pay top guy one million dollars,

    How much talent to lose one billion dollars ,

    Is government inherently stupid, I don't think so,

    (Few more closing comments)

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    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    Keep up the fight Rand Paul!

    No amnesty

    Get the hell out of Yemen and Afghanistan



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    The Latest: Sen. Rand Paul holds up vote on budget deal

    February 8, 2018

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on Congress and spending legislation (all times local):

    6:05 p.m.

    Sen. Rand Paul is holding up a vote on the Senate budget deal, saying he can’t in “all good faith” move ahead with the deal without more debate.

    The Kentucky Republican says he came to Congress to fight deficits. But now, he says, Republicans and Democrats are “spending us into oblivion.”

    Lawmakers are facing a midnight deadline. The deal pending in the Senate must first pass the Senate, then the House and be signed into law to avoid a government shutdown. The deal appears to have the votes to pass, but rules of the Senate allow individual senators to hold up the process.

    Paul brushed off pleas from Senate leaders.
    Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says, “It’s time to vote.” Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says, “We’re in risky territory here.”

    6 p.m.
    Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is telling House Democrats to “do what you want to do” as the chamber approaches a vote on a bipartisan budget deal that would avert a government shutdown after midnight.

    That’s according to Oregon Democratic Rep. Kurt Schrader. He spoke as he left a closed-door meeting of party lawmakers.

    Senate passage is expected Thursday evening. A House vote would follow, in which majority Republicans will likely need several dozen Democratic votes to assure passage.

    Many Democrats say they’ll oppose the measure because it doesn’t have language protecting hundreds of thousands of young “Dreamer” immigrants from deportation.

    1:08 p.m.
    The White House says it supports Senate passage of a budget deal that would funnel an additional $300 billion to the Pentagon and domestic programs over the next two years.
    The White House budget office says the agreement lays the groundwork for full funding of the military, a top priority for President Donald Trump.

    The deal also spends more on other administration priorities, including infrastructure and the opioid drug epidemic.

    Senate leaders are working to approve the measure Thursday and send it to the House for passage before the government begins to shut down at midnight.

    The budget office says it would recommend to Trump that he sign the measure into law if Congress sends it to him in its current form.

    12:33 a.m.
    Opposition from Democratic liberals and tea-party Republicans in Congress may imperil a budget deal reached by Senate leaders to keep the government operating past midnight Thursday.

    The bipartisan compromise would provide the Pentagon and domestic programs with an extra $300 billion over the next two years. That additional spending worries some deficit-minded Republicans, and some Democrats are unhappy that immigration isn’t part of the measure.

    To that end, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi staged a record eight-hour speech arguing in favor of legislation for young immigrants in the country since childhood who face deportation.

    The White House backs the Senate deal. Senate leaders hope to approve the measure Thursday and send it to the House for approval. But hurdles remain to avert the second shutdown in a month.
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    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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