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    She gave us Carly Fiorina

    I like Sarah Palin but does she know what she is doing? No. Does Obama? No. Sarah Palin came into Ca. State, and messed up our Republican Senate Race because she brought in Carly Fiorina from thin air, and Fiorina is very pro guest worker program, in fact she is even more radical than Diane Fienstein and thats not easy to do. So, now that Meg Whitman has learned that one must talk to Republican voters to win an Election, she is aiming for Diane Feinstein's Senate seat and trust me, if we can unseat Diane Fienstein, that would end 40% of the ammesty, guest worker, and even secret prisons being built by Feds in Ca. Boxer is very mild and lazy when compared to Feinstein and wasnt as nearly as pro-illegal immigration as Palin backed Carly Fiorina.
    Trust me, when I say Boxer is a talker and showman, but she doesnt hammer in illegal amensty like Feinstein and wasnt pro amnesty for business like Firoina.

    Sarah Palin, injected herself into our Senate Race, in a year when Ca. State should have had a Republican Senator.

    I dont trust Sarah and think that she goes to Iowa and says one thing, says another in Texas and then in Ca. , she appears to be in bed with local amnesty people.
    In fact, when Ca State and Diane Fienstein pushed for a guest worker program, last time, Boxer killed it and Carly Fiorina was saying, to even non-latino groups, that she wanted a guess worker program and would be a vote for a guest worker program for illegal aliens due to businesses needing workers in food service, hospitality and other fields, that pay 30 to 40 k per year, but lost from the hands of Americans to illegal aliens in Ca. State. Then Fiorina had the nerve to go on CNN-ENGLISH and spend almost an entire interview pushing for a guest worker program, in a manner that I have never heard from a Republican or in her case a R.I.N.O.
    Meg Whitman for Senator, being that Fienstein needs to go! She is the worse pain when it comes to drafting up guest worker programs in Ca. State.

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    I don't trust Palin either when it comes to the issue of illegal immigration, I never have.
    <div>Number*U.S. military*in S.Korea to protect their border with N.Korea: 28,000. Number*U.S. military*on 2000 mile*U.S. southern border to protect ourselves from*the war in our own backyard: 1,200 National Guard.</

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