Shocking connection made between Hunter Biden, Ukraine biolabs, and reported origin of COVID pandemic in Wuhan

Tuesday, November 08, 2022 by: JD Heyes

(Natural News) A stunning connection has been made between first son Hunter Biden and biolabs in Ukraine as well as Wuhan, China, the latter the reported origin of COVID-19, by a former top-rated co-host.
Jack Maxey, who starred alongside former top Trump political adviser Steve Bannon on their “War Room: Pandemic,” podcast, revealed an alleged connection between Biden and Metabiota, which is linked to Ukrainian biolabs, and the Wuhan Institute of Virology in the Chinese city of that name, Lifesite News reported this week, adding:
Maxey based his findings on some of the e-mails found in Hunter Biden’s laptop, as well as further research he personally conducted. While Maxey has been talking about these connections for some time, the story has been largely overlooked.
He explained the connection between the first son and the Wuhan lab during an appearance on the “Sovereign Soul Show”:
“Let’s go back to COVID. Literally, Hunter Biden and his partners raised millions of dollars from Metabiota. Metabiota was a privatized company that the U.S. intelligence used to run the biolabs in Ukraine which I have uncovered, [they are] also deeply involved inside the Wuhan lab,” Maxey claims.
“You can find papers written by Metabiota describing them as bat and corona experts. And Hunter had a secretary in Beijing, named Xiaoyang, her last name is Zeng, spelled Z E N G, and her husband is a guy named Fu Gao, or George Gao, senior, top guy in the Chinese CDC. And Hunter hooks this guy up with Metabiota, and they essentially run the gain of function experiments inside the Wuhan lab that gave us COVID!” he added.
“U.S. intel and disgusting characters like Tony Fauci et al. are just as responsible for the COVID outbreak as the Chinese Communists because we off-shored their Frankenstein experiments to China because they weren’t under law allowed to engage in these experiments inside the United States,” Maxey charged.
“And they went completely rogue, and now millions of people around the world lost their lives; the economy of the world lost trillions and trillions of lost opportunities, family businesses destroyed: these people need to be held to account,” he said.
The outlet noted further:
A little research into the connection between Metabiota and the bat and corona research can confirm Maxey’s claims. See here for a 2017 study on bats and coronaviruses with Metabiota involvement; as well as another here.
By August of this year, Maxey had already developed and presented his thesis quite extensively.
At a political rally in Bloomsburg, Pa., Aug. 27, Maxey called Metabiota “the prime contractor inside all these Ukrainian labs.” He then cited a specific email that he discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop “between Eric Schwerin, Hunter’s broker-dealer manager and Hunter [Biden], which says: ‘Hunter, we gotta get a hold of Xiaoying’s husband, because I think he and the CDC could be really helpful for Metabiota.’”
“Xiaoying, as it turns out this woman’s name: Xiaoying Zeng – or Zung, as they pronounce it, it is spelled Z E N G – she is a daughter inside the major Shanghai – CCP crime family, called the Zungs, who runs something called the ‘Shanghai clique’, and they have a lot of overlaps in Shanghai with another group called the – surprise – ‘oil clique,'” Maxey continued at the rally.
“And, guess what, her husband is a guy named Fu Gao or George Gao, trained either at Oxford or Cambridge, [who] spent a bunch of years in the United States, and he is a top guy at the Chinese CDC,” he added, going on to explain that Metabiota “was created by U.S. intelligence.”
Well, like everything else under President [George W.] Bush, they realized that by privatizing it, somebody could get rich. So they created Metabiota,” he claimed. “It is sort of like Blackwater, right? And Metabiota is the prime contractor inside all those Ukrainian labs that they now admit that there are 20 some of them.”
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Shocking connection made between Hunter Biden, Ukraine biolabs, and reported origin of COVID pandemic in Wuhan –