SHOCKING REPORT: US School Children Being Taught From Radical Islamist Website

in Faith, News, Opinion / by Prissy Holly / on September 8, 2014 at 5:09 pm /

The school committee and superintendent of Newton, Massachusetts have some serious explaining to do, as the curriculum being taught to their students at Middle East Curricula in Newton’s Public Schools is about to be released to the public.

After parents and community members were informed of the troubling propaganda in their children’s coursework by an organization known as Americans for Peace and Tolerance, a Florida based non-profit organization called Verity Educate conducted a full-blown investigation of the school’s curriculum.
What Verify Educate found through their investigation was nothing short of frightening.
According to their Executive Summary in their investigation, the material for the school’s curriculum was taken directly off the website called, and was full of anti-Semitic and anti-Christian hatred. Material referenced prophesies about Armageddon. It also told how all the Jews would be murdered, and the entire world would convert to Sunni Islam:
“The Antichrist will appear, and a greater war will start…and Muslims will kill all Jews. All people will convert into Islam. Peace will pervade the whole world.”
In one section of the website which the school material is contrived from, it stated:
“The Anticrist (sic) will appear (sic) and a greater war will start between Jews and Muslims for 40 days (longer that (sic) usual days) and will end when Jesus (pbuh) will come and Muslims will kill all Jews. All people will convert into Islam. Peace will pervade the whole world.”
Additionally in their report, Verity Educate found that there were 35 misleading claims that the Newton Public Schools adopted from the website, which included propaganda about Zionism with European colonialism, a mischaracterization of Jewish history and a demonization of Jews.
Verify educate also reported that “assignments that prejudice students in favor of the radical position of a one-state scenario in Israel/the West Bank/Gaza” and “a neo-Orientalist mistreatment of various Arab perspectives, particularly the infantilization of Arab peoples and countries in the twentieth century and elevation of the perspectives of the PLO and Hamas at the expense of the perspectives of Palestinian individuals.”
As of now, the Newton School Committee and the Superintendent have failed to respond to Verity Educate despite being contacted on three separate occasions.
It’s astounding that this type of material is being taught to our children. It makes you wonder who is behind it, as usually all course materials must be approved by the faculty and board members. If this was my child’s school, I’d be raising hell!