And So It Begins: Sick Kids Being Denied Specialty Treatment Under ObamaCare

Mike Miller
On February 1, 2014

A Washington state news channel is reporting that ill children in the state are being denied specialty treatment under ObamaCare. Moreover, it interviewed a doctor who provided specific examples.

Via KING-5 in Seattle:

“Administrators at Seattle Children’s today said they predicted this would happen, and it’s even worse than they expected. Patients being denied specialty treatment at the hospital by insurance providers on the Washington health benefits exchange.

Children’s filed request on behalf of 125 of their patients. Of those, they say they got only 20 responses, eight of which were denials. Dr. Sandy Melzer says all this comes after reassurances of certain unique specialty cases would still be covered.”

Here’s Dr. Melzer:
“Well, some of the patients who were denied are ones who clearly would fall into that unique category. A two-year-old with new significant neck mass that was being evaluated for infection or malignancy, an older child with a chronic severe medical condition requiring multidisciplinary care here, a baby that had a skull abnormality.”

KING-5 reported that Seattle’s Children’s Hospital has provided treatment to these children, but that Dr. Melzer said the hospital “can’t afford to keep doing it this way.”

Isolated incidents, or the tip of the iceberg? Given everything we’ve seen — from the disastrous rollout of ObamaCare to Barack Obama’s promise of “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan,” — what do you think?