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    Sr. Bush executively ordered nationwide "infrastructure

    This tells you HOW - and WHY we are now dealing with the TTC - Kansas City port for Mexico - Dubai - Spanish run toll road - Chinese run ports - etc. etc.

    Below is the link to what I found when I googled EO 12803 ... Index.html

    Sr. Bush executively ordered nationwide "infrastructure asset" garage sale in 1992

    Last month The IO reported that cash-strapped jurisdictions are selling vital components of our national infrastructure (roads, bridges, utilities) to private, often foreign, interests. This month we find that the trend was initiated by Pres. George HW Bush in 1992. Do a Google search or contact The IO for the full text of Executive Order 12803. Following is verbatim from EO 12803, Section 1. Definitions. "For the purpose of this order: (a) 'Privatization' means the disposition of or transfer of an infrastructure asset, such as by sale or by long-term lease, from State or local government to a private party.' "(b) 'Infrastructure asset' means any asset financed in whole or in part by the Federal Government and needed for the functioning of the economy. Examples of such assets include, but are not limited to: roads, tunnels, bridges, electricity supply facilities, mass transit, rail transportation, airports, ports, waterways, water supply facilities, recycling and wastewater treatment facilities, solid waste disposal facilities, housing, schools, prisons and hospitals."

    The stated purpose of the EO was " allow the private sector to provide for infrastructure modernization and expansion." The EO does not set forth any qualifications for potential buyers. As a result, foreign interests are currently buying up vital components of national infrastructure. It would seem that the first order of national security would be to maintain domestic control over ports, waterways, roads, bridges and utilities. But instead, Americans are prohibited from boarding an airplane with bottles of water.
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    With all of the taxes that we pay to upkeep these roads it seems like this EO is illegal and needs to be challenged in court.
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    Sr. Bush executively ordered nationwide "infrastructure

    This is really a major piece of information, ohf, and it sounds like it would
    make an excellent program topic for Lou Dobbs: I certainly hope you or
    someone else will bring it to his attention right away! Thank you for
    posting this.
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