Sunday, September 21, 2014

State-owned jet-commuting Gov. Pat Quinn endorsed by Illinois Sierra Club

Governor Pat Quinn promised Illinoisans that unlike his two-time running mate, Rod Blagojevich, he would live in the Executive Mansion in Springfield. But Quinn lied, instead, he commutes to the state capital in a state-owned jet.

But the Chicago Democrat's lie and his liberal use of jet fuel didn't stop the Illinois chapter of the Sierra Club from endorsing Quinn for a second full term. For the intimated, the Sierra Club has drifted far from its days as a conservation advocate when John Muir founded it in 1982--the group is now a far-left collective.

Quinn claims to split his time between Springfield and Chicago, but he stays fewer than 70 days a year in Springfield.

Bruce Rauner, Quinn's Republican challenger, vows to live in the governor's mansion and says he will travel there from his north suburban Chicago home in a much more energy-effecient old van.

Quinn, a proponent of so-called high speed rail, could at least ride Amtrak to Springfield