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Thread: Still Reportís 2018 Election Prediction | The Still Report

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    Still Reportís 2018 Election Prediction | The Still Report

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    The Still Report
    Published on Oct 13, 2018

    Synopsis: Democrats have been predicting the big, blue wave for months now as the outcome of the mid-term elections just 24 days from today. However, just as happened 2 years ago, the polls are suddenly shifting towards the red. Why? As we explained 2 years ago, most pollsters lean left, but try to hide it. They can easily and non-transparently manipulate the outcomes of their polls simply by adjusting their skews. There are many ways to skew polls. Today, the Washington Examiner illuminated one method Ė under-sampling. In this case, mainstream polls have been using 29% more Democrats to create their results than Republicans. Well, thatís one way. A bit more subtle is predicting turnouts of the two parties on election day. So what if one pollster predicts a 56% turnout for Republicans while another predicts a 48% turnout? However, there are dozens of other really complex ways to do this. However, these fictitious polls have one big problem. On election day, they have to do their best to actually predict the real outcome because thatís the number their sales staff will trumpet for the next year. They can say anything they want to in order to sway the American public one way or the other until the morning of election day. Then they have to actually tell the truth as best as they can.
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    It's the same problem the UN scientists have with predicting the cause of climate change, the Fed has with determining when to raise or lower interest rates, and Obama had with his conclusion that manufacturing jobs were never coming back to the United States. It's guile.
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