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    The Stunning Truth Proving The FBI and DOJ Corruption Will Come Out…

    The Stunning Truth Proving The FBI and DOJ Corruption Will Come Out…

    Posted on January 1, 2018 by sundance

    There’s a lot of people worried the sheer scale and totality of the FBI and DOJ corruption will be buried by the Swamp scum. I’m not one of them. As a ninja level cynic who has spent so much time investigating the deep weeds of DC corruption, this time I can see a difference.

    The Bigger media voices will eventually catch up to the story. Right now the scale of the story is so large, and the consequences so damaging to the Republic, they are scared to call it out… but that won’t last too much longer. Unless they are genuinely all paid political operatives of the UniParty, by the end of this month the sunlight will be so intense their worries about losing invites to the best cocktail parties will be overcome by the enormity of the truth.

    When the righteous march past the praetorian guard media carrying pitchforks, feathers and buckets of brutally obvious truth; yes, even the ‘CONservative’ professional media guardians will have to admit they can’t defend the protected class from this one. Their own need for relevance will mean they’ll eventually admit, the baby is damn ugly.

    If a little corner of the internet can lay out the raw data, and all of that data only points in one direction, yes, the total “they” (media, congress, and our President) all know this same stuff you have been reading. More importantly, as uncomfortable as admissions might be, they know it is real and they know what it means.
    If we can put it together, so can they.

    So too can Robert Mueller. He knows.

    Special Counsel Robert Mueller knows how Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew Weissman, Jeannie Rhee, Aaron Zebley and all of the other participants got put on his team. He knows how, and he knows why. Mueller might not want to admit he knows, because that means accepting the scale corruption within his beloved institutions. It also means accepting his friends James Comey, Andrew McCabe, James Baker, Sally Yates and Loretta Lynch are corrupt political agents.

    Perhaps Mueller too is a political agent; regardless, he knows what we know; and we know that he knows what we know.

    Robert Mueller knows he can no longer do the ‘willfully blind‘ schtick toward FBI Chief Legal Counsel James Baker because the truth is too transparent. He’d look silly trying. Even if Mueller tried to defend him, he’d have a hard time burying the truth to do so. There’s just too much of it visible.

    Mueller knows why his assembled team used deception to gain all of the Transition team emails; when he walks into the room of lawyers he knows they can’t talk about it, lawyers never do, but he knows. And they know he knows. It’s all corrupt. It’s all coming out. The entire cabal know there’s too much already known to be able to spin or hide it all.

    Right now they are spending 90% (or more) of their time discussing damage control and how to sell their way out of this mess. The energy they are now spending trying to show a “Russian Conspiracy” is smaller than nil.

    Some team members are still trying to give angles of “if we do this”, and “if we do that”, etc. You know the routine, a good defense is a good offense. However, even in their offensive exit proposals, their time is constructing a plausible escape. We know that; he knows that; and he knows we know that.

    What are they left with?


    That’s it.

    Positioning for the best exit, doing the least amount of damage to themselves and other professional swamp dwellers in the process. That’s their current energy expenditure; figuring out the exit strategy.

    The House Judiciary Committee (Bob Goodlatte) is soon to get details. That’s the rightful place where ultimately the best decisions will be made. Chairman Goodlatte and his Senate counterpart Chairman Grassley, know this is their moment. Neither of them smoke cigars.

    House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes will also get the details from Inspector General Michael Horowitz. He’s just about appropriately pissed-off-enough to do some real damage to all those people who besmirched his character back in March and April 2017. The larger DC intelligence community is scared-to-death of Devin Nunes.

    Ignore Senate Intel Chairman Richard Burr. He will keep his mouth shut and try to avoid cameras now – when possible. He’s a UniParty defender, and he does smoke cigars. ie: he’s as corrupt as they come and swims in the deep swamp with the Decepticons. Burr’s Corinthian Wing-back will remain empty; his current preference will be to read about what he’s supposed to say from the Washington Post or New York Times bi-lines.

    Additionally, one of the larger reasons to feel confidence is from Trey Gowdy (aka Rooster head) being given the Chairmanship of the House Oversight Committee. His placement there will explain everything y’all need to know about his recent rather stunning increases in personal wealth. Go look it up, you’ll see. Gowdy was purchased by the Uniparty as the replacement for Jason Chaffetz, who was the replacement for Darryl Issa.
    Rooster-head’s job is now to lead the Chaff and Countermeasures routine. That’s why his personal wealth jumped so significantly. (Again, go look it up.) That’s also why his first official duty was to undermine Devin Nunes yesterday in the Washington Post.

    Gowdy is on the other side. The UniParty purchased him. Don’t forget Gowdy is the House version of Ted Cruz so he was always predisposed in that direction. Never forget that. Look at everything Gowdy does as intended to distract you from anything that matters and it will all make sense to you – Clear Eyes. Rooster proved his worthiness for the UniParty while leading the Benghazi “Special Committee” to clear Clinton.

    Thankfully the White Hats have set this up to allow Rooster-Head to crow poetically, yet not be in a position to do any substantive damage. [Though he might try to get some republicans wiped out in the 2018 election. So, watch out for that.]

    As long as there’s no calling for a “Special Committee” the White Hats are in good shape. Beware of anyone who starts demanding that in the next month. Don’t fall for that trick. Also avoid anything to do with issues headed to the House Oversight Committee; it’s UniParty Command HQ.

    Keep an eye on Jim Jordan. He’s a White Hat. He’s turned down the indulgences from the UniParty. As a ninja cynic I’ve got to admit he’s one of few good and decent people in DC. Rare breed. DC hates him. That’s good.
    Sometime this month, after the initial Inspector General Michael Horowitz release, House Judiciary Chair Bob Goodlatte and Senate Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley will likely call for a Special Counsel to investigate the upper-level management of the FBI and DOJ. Support that approach. The SC can quickly put a Grand Jury together and start presenting the IG investigative evidence, as well as enforceable subpoenas for witnesses.

    There’s a boat-load of different issues here:

    • The unlawful exoneration of Hillary Clinton by political operatives in the DOJ/FBI.
    • The unlawful use of the FISA court for political spy operations by the DOJ/FBI.
    • The unlawful use of the Dept of Justice National Security Division. For weaponized political benefit.
    • The unlawful use of the FBI Counterintelligence Division. For weaponized political benefit.
    • The unlawful use of a Special Counsel (Mueller) investigation to hide the conspiracy.

    I could go on, but you get the picture. The corruption is so deep it’s almost unfathomable; almost beyond comprehension. Almost. The enormity of it is also part of the defense strategy for the participants within it.

    All of that minutia is part of the Special Counsel argument that will surface in the next 30 days. While that Special Counsel argument is ongoing, Nunes, Goodlatte and Grassley can use the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees to present to the world everything you’ve already read HERE.

    And lastly, the main source of my confidence that all of this will come out…. Everyone mentioned directly or by association is also reading this sentence.

    Happy New Year.
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    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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