California is a major food supplier all across the nation.

Tell Gov. Brown: Stop Watering California Crops With Oil Wastewater

Do you live in the United States? Do you eat commercially grown almonds, pistachios, citrus, grapes or vegetables? If so, there's a chance you're eating food that was grown using treated waste from toxic oilfields.

Big Oil makes millions by selling recycled waste from oilfields to Central Valley farmers desperate for water. Hundreds of chemicals are used in oil operations, some known to cause cancer, kidney failure and liver damage -- and these chemicals could be in the oil waste used to irrigate our nuts, fruits and vegetables. California grows about half of all of the produce in the U.S., so this is a problem for all of us.

Though California regulators have never conducted a comprehensive, independent analysis of recycled oil waste, a recently published scientific study found that treated oil wastewater sold to California farmers contained dangerous levels of acetone, oil and methylene chloride (a known carcinogen).

The state has convened a panel to review statewide practices, but the process is plagued by shoddy testing standards, poor public access and the presence of oil industry representatives on the panel. Meanwhile, we're still eating food grown with oil waste. And as California braces for another dry summer, plans are underway to expand the use of oil wastewater for crop irrigation.

We need to put an end to this practice immediately. Please sign this petition urging Gov. Jerry Brown and California water officials to prohibit the use of oil wastewater for crop irrigation in California.

Dear Governor Jerry Brown and California state water officials,

Several California water districts in Central Valley farming regions currently allow the use of toxic wastewater from oil production for crop irrigation. Plans for the expansion of this practice are currently underway.

Meanwhile, there has been no comprehensive independent testing conducted to ensure that our food and health are protected from the hundreds of chemicals used in oil operations, some of which have been shown to be carcinogenic and toxic.

Nor have any actions been taken to protect the farm workers who are potentially exposed to these toxins on a daily basis.

Because of this, we urge you to ensure that our food is safe to eat by directing the State Water Board to prohibit the use of oil wastewater for crop irrigation in California.

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