Tent Cities In New Jersey A Throwback To The Great Depression

August 20, 2013 by Personal Liberty News Desk

A New Jersey Fox News television affiliate has been prowling the State in recent weeks, acting on viewer tips directing them to communities of homeless people living in tents, under overpasses, or – as seen in the video below – in makeshift shelters and abandoned buildings left to rot in the woods.

“I first had to gain the group’s trust before they led me down their path into the woods, where some have lived for 10 to 20 years,” said reporter Meg Baker:

“Under the underpass, through the woods, and down a path of trash lies Camden’s tent city – it’s really a United Nations of disaster there,” said Baker in the intro to another story:

Many residents of these modern-day Hoovervilles are honest about their addictions to whatever substances they can beg or steal. But, notes Baker, many also are just down on their luck. Some have jobs that don’t pay enough for housing; others are disabled and on some form of government assistance. Others haven’t been able to convince potential employers to take a chance on someone who doesn’t have an address.

Fairly or unfairly, critics of Governor Chris Christie have taken to calling the State’s tent communities “Christievilles.”

“Perhaps Governor Christie should stop worrying so much about the thought process of libertarians, and more on the squalor rampant in his own state,” writes libertarian blogger Michael Krieger. “Strange that these tent cities seem to be spreading in a state right across the way from Wall Street, and with the nation supposedly almost five years into an economic ‘recovery.’ I guess somebody forgot to tell them about the S&P 500.”

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