ISIS posted a video apparently shot in Iraq, where they holds swathes of territory, showing two French-speaking jihadists threatening more attacks against France
They hate to admit it was another organized jihadist attack but it was - the truth prevails. France & other EU countries have been enabling what is now ISIS for 20yrs or more by importing muslims from the middle east, allowing them to continue their ugly lifestyles, giving them citizenship.

Now they have plenty of French born or immigrants to France involved with ISIS, along with Belgium, Germany UK, etc. USA certainly aided and abetted isis growth to overthrow assad. DUMBO obama/hillary/kerry.

Plus it seems they wanted to secure this levant area for muslims as an epicenter and spread islam to every nation thru "refugees" for the ultimate control of the world by muslims. We know O & hillary are heavily connected to muslims. Would be a disaster if she is elected.