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Friday, February 24, 2023 by: Kevin Hughes
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(Natural News) Attorney Tom Renz described the East Palestine train derailment and toxic vinyl chloride spill that happened in his home state of Ohio as an “environmental catastrophe.”
“The whole Chernobyl event here [in Ohio] – and by Chernobyl, I’m talking about the train derailment in East Palestine – is an environmental catastrophe,” he said during the Feb. 21 episode of “Lawfare with Tom Renz” on Brighteon.TV.
“It just doesn’t get much worse than this; it’s a monumental thing. A million pounds of this vinyl chloride didn’t even spill, they just burned it. What a disaster.”
Renz mentioned that both Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are pointing fingers at each other, unwilling to take responsibility for the disaster. The Ohio Star reported that according to DeWine’s spokesman Dan Tierney, the governor agreed with the decision to execute a controlled burn of the vinyl chloride that spilled.
However, the governor was not the one who ordered the burning – citing that the EPA has the legal authority to do so. EPA Administrator Michael Regan, meanwhile, refused to answer if his agency did order the controlled burn of the spilled vinyl chloride.
Nevertheless, Renz mentioned that both DeWine and the EPA are equally involved and culpable.
“You don’t burn this stuff off without authority, and the governor certainly gave his blessing on this. In fact, he probably was behind it,” he said, adding that Norfolk Southern Railway was a big supporter of DeWine.
Derailment may be intentional and authorities are covering it up

Renz challenged viewers to consider the possibility of the derailment being intentional, citing Norfolk Southern putting pressure to resolve the incident. He also noted that members of the media may be covering it up.
“They just covered it up for days and days and days. And still today, it’s covered up as much as humanly possible.”
Moreover, Renz mentioned that the safety threshold recommendation for vinyl chloride was recently changed from 100 parts per million (ppm) to 100,000 ppm – which, in his own words, was inexcusable. The change happened for no reason, which led the lawyer to believe it was almost “like everything was planned.”
According to him, America is at war and the American people are being attacked. There is a serious effort to destabilize the nation as shown by the attacks on chemical plants, the food supply and the economy. The train derailment in East Palestine was no ordinary accident, Renz said, and the people behind it are all lying about what really happened. (Related: Trains carrying hazardous materials continue to derail around the country – is the U.S. under attack?)
Ultimately, Renz remarked that there is no excuse for the environmental catastrophe that the incident has caused.
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