Top 10 CONSPIRACY THEORIES of the LEFT that have already cost trillions of dollars and millions of innocent American lives

03/12/2024 // S.D. Wells // 1.4K Views

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Nearly every Democrat in America is currently hypnotized by Obama's Big Media hoaxes, and they just can't get their head around the idea that nearly every Democrat leader at the top is pushing for a communist America, where there is no middle class, nobody owns anything (including guns), and the one-party autocratic system rules forever.
The LEFT falls hook, line and sinker for all the big bait, cast out like Ponzi schemes in the news, where they're all convinced their taxes aren't paying for fraud, corruption and the annihilation of the very Republic they live in.
These folks are literally voting for their own demise, and it's only just around the corner. The crooks in Washington DC are stealing elections, tax-payer money, constitutional rights and lives, all under the umbrella of 10 conspiracy theories they've got their voters believing are absolutely, one-hundred-percent true.
10 Conspiracy theories nearly all Democrats think are real and deserve their support, money, health and even lives

How could it be a huge lie or "conspiracy theory" if it's all over the news, in the newspapers, on every mainstream media website, and even researchable on Google? Hitler used movies and printed propaganda also, to convince the Germans of many horrible things, while killing his own people, taking their wealth and creating a dictatorship he thought would help him take over the entire world. He was a complete and utter psychopath.
Do you know what eugenics means? Are you aware that many of the richest people on Earth are spending billions to eliminate billions of people with vaccines, wars and pharmaceuticals? Get ready for the inside whistle-blower information about conspiracy theories the Left is working hard for and maintaining using the Big Media Industrial Complex, the Pharma Genocide Complex, the Military Industrial War (and Bio-Weapons) Complex and the Security Industrial Complex.
Make no mistake about it, these are all well-planned schemes by the Left to eliminate the middle-class in America, "import" a hundred million illegal immigrants (voters) and turn America into a communist hell-hole.
#1 Climate Change is real and humans are causing it (even though the Earth is in a slow cooling phase and the whole movement is a deadly worldwide Ponzi scheme)
#2. Covid-19 "pandemic" is deadly for all, so wear masks 24/7/365 and always practice social distancing (even though that causes infections, immune dysfunction and spreads disease easier)
#3. Support "innocent" Ukraine in their "War against the Russians" (for the politician embezzlement machine also known as the Military Industrial Complex)
#4. The November 2020 election was the "most secure election in U.S. history" (even though is was the most corrupt U.S. election ever)
#5. Covid-19 vaccines prevent infection, prevent the spread of infection, and are "safe and effective" (even though they're exactly the opposite of all that)
#6. Democrats in Washington DC claim to support democracy, while simultaneously claiming Trump will wreck it if he wins in 2024
#7. Inflation is "Trump's fault," not the constant (and useless) wars other Presidents keep us in
#8. Hunter Biden is a good, innocent man just working for his Dad
#9. Obama is just an advisor to the president (even though he's still in the driver's seat)
#10. For anyone who dies "suddenly" or "unexpectedly" ever again, be sure not to blame the mRNA vascular clotting, cancer-enabling, heart-decimating gene therapy injections
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Top 10 CONSPIRACY THEORIES of the LEFT that have already cost trillions of dollars and millions of innocent American lives –