Top 5 ways the FDA and CDC engaged in genocide of Americans during Covid-19 plandemic

04/11/2024 // S.D. Wells // 1.6K Views

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When it comes to challenging the actual healing medicines used by natural health advocates, the brainwashed sheeple and their fake news always proclaim the same old, tired mantra "science." The healthy folks, who are not taking a handful of prescription medications daily, are falsely labeled "conspiracy theorists."Well, if there has ever been more PROOF that the nefarious regulatory agencies are in bed with Big Pharma, take a look at the scientific proof that ivermectin saved countless lives during the pandemic, while the FDA purposely suppressed its use and science to catapult the Fauci Flu frenzy, that made Big Pharma bigger, Big Government more autocratic, and the so-called natural health "conspiracy theorists" RIGHT once again.
Everyone remembers the FDA and Mainstream Media referring to ivermectin as horse medicine so nobody would take it and doctors wouldn't prescribe it

Oh yes, they did. The FDA flat out denied tens of millions of Americans what is most likely the BEST defense and cure for the Covid-19 "Wuhan Virus," also known as coronavirus. Now, the U.S. Food and Drug Abomination (FDA) agency agreed to all social media posts and its own WEBSITE warnings about using ivermectin to treat the scamdemic virus. This is documented from a lawsuit that brought about these terms of settlement regarding how the FDA directed patients and health professionals NOT to use the drug.
Just in case the anti-conspiracy theory conspiracy theorists are having any doubts, the title the FDA used about ivermectin that they are now forced to remove goes like this, "Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19." But that's not all. The article is featured with a picture of a doctor and a horse, so every American would agree and also fear taking a medicine the FDA was propagating as only proper for horses, and would be very dangerous for humans to take. That is illegal propaganda, and it cost the lives of tens of millions of people, if not more.

"Not approved." "Not authorized." "Intended for livestock." These are just a few of the scare tactics the FDA used to carry out genocide on Americans with weak immune systems (pretty much all the vaccinated, medicated, fluoridated, brainwashed masses). The FDA further admits their horrific error as they delete all of the lies and propaganda-driven social media posts from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram telling Americans "You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y'all. Stop it."
Top 5 ways the FDA and CDC engaged in genocide of Americans during the biggest health scandal ever perpetrated on mankind, the COVID-19 China Flu plandemic

#1. Denying doctors and hospitals from prescribing life-saving drugs like ivermectin
#2. Coercing Americans into getting the deadly mRNA clot shots
#3. Pushing for doctors to prescribe kidney-decimating remdesivir
#4. Pushing hospital use of choke-you-to-death ventilators (only 25 percent of patients survive the first 4 days)
#5. Refusing to promote vitamin D, zinc and quercetin for immune defense, while propagating mask use, social distancing and lockdowns
For the first two years of the scamdemic, the FDA made sure that any Americans who denied that the FDA's medical protocol, guidelines and advice were the holy grail of saving the world from gain-of-function disease, were making the pandemic worse and possibly killing people. Yet, it was just the opposite that was true. The FDA was making the pandemic worse, with their advice, fast-track approvals of toxic "vaccines," falsified approvals of drugs, propaganda, bad medicine and scare tactics about medicines and natural supplements that actually work to prevent and heal people from the Fauci Flu.
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