Toyota warns that Biden’s electric vehicle push will FAIL; U.S. charging infrastructure will COLLAPSE

07/17/2023 // Ethan Huff // 2.5K Views

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Two of the world's largest carmakers, Toyota and Vauxhall owner Stellantis, say that fake president Joe Biden is being "overly optimistic" in his push to convert the nation to electric vehicles (EVs) rather than gas-powered ones.
A Biden plan to require two thirds of all new vehicle sales to be electric by the year 2032 will never work, Toyota and Stellantis say, because United States charging infrastructure is dismal and will never be able to carry the load of powering all those EVs.
Besides the fact that EVs are far too expensive for the average American consumer to afford, there is simply not enough load capacity, let alone charging stations, to keeping the nation going on electric rather than gas.
In a statement to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Toyota warned that Biden's EV push will also create a mad rush to secure lithium and other rare-earth minerals to produce all those battery-powered cars.
"The proposed rule underestimates key challenges including the scarcity of minerals to make batteries, the fact that these minerals are not mined or refined in the U.S., the inadequate infrastructure, and the high cost of [battery electric vehicles]," Toyota said.
Stellantis, which owns not only Vauxhall but also Fiat and Chrysler, added that the proposed rule "significantly underestimates the actions needed to build the targeted EV market."
"Addressing concerns such as manufacturing capacity, battery production, charging infrastructure, and consumer acceptance of EVs will be paramount to the success of this ambitious proposed regulation," Stellantis added.

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Tesla, which only makes EVs, says EPA targets can be exceeded

Tesla, meanwhile, is taking the opposite approach. Since the Elon Musk-owned company makes only EVs, of course it wants to only promote those since it has nothing to lose from the shift from gas to electric.
According to Tesla, it is possible not only to reach the EPA's targets, but even exceed them based on "the rapid pace of light-duty vehicle electrification."
Tesla argues that battery-powered vehicle technology has "been amply demonstrated, is being rapidly deployed, and has significantly decreas[ed] competitive costs."
Toyota, the world's largest automaker, recently announced a new breakthrough technology that it says will halve the cost, size, and weight of EV batteries. If successful, this could revolutionize the EV industry entirely and make the transition a more feasible feat at some point down the road.
"In Europe, which is ahead of the EV curve compared to the U.S., EVs are now beginning to hit the buffers in the second-hand market," one commenter wrote about the matter. "Their second-hand value are plunging far faster than hybrids, PHEVs and ICE cars."
"I just returned from Italy and France and saw less than 10 EVs in 10 days," responded another about how even in Western Europe EVs are wildly impractical and unpopular.
"EVs have no future in Northern states," commented another about how the winters are just too cold there and the batteries are much less effective in those extreme temperatures.
"Hybrids are a better stop gap, at least until a better technology comes out that is better than a battery. I'm also a firm believer that anything with a 'rare' earth mineral in it cannot be part of a long-term sustainable solution for the entire planet."
Others noted that only when EVs can be charged as quickly as it takes to fill a gas tank, and when the temperature degradation of power is set, then maybe it will be feasible to shift to the technology.
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Toyota warns that Biden’s electric vehicle push will FAIL; U.S. charging infrastructure will COLLAPSE –