Transgender suicide rate skyrocketing; media blames everything except LGBT mental illness

07/04/2023 // Ethan Huff // 2.9K Views

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Researchers out of Denmark recently discovered that the suicide rate among transgenders is significantly higher as a whole than it is among normal people. And rather than blame mental illness, the obvious culprit, the New York Times is instead blaming everything else it can think of besides the elephant in the room for this phenomenon.
Numerous studies, in fact, have found that transgenders and other LGBTs are generally very unhappy and much more prone to killing themselves than normal people are. And yet the corporate-controlled media wants us all to believe that their feelings of malcontent and suicide have nothing to do with the fact that they believe they are some other gender(s) trapped inside the "wrong" body.
The Danish study found that transgenders have 7.7 times the normal rate of suicide attempts, and 3.5 times the normal rate of actual suicide deaths, compared to the rest of the population. Not once, however, did the Times even mention the words "dysphoria" or "mental illness" in its coverage of the study.
In fact, the Times went to great lengths to try to blame this misery and self-harm phenomenon among transgenders as somehow being the fault of conservatives who disapprove of transgender mental illness being normalized. The fake news outlet also tried to claim that Republicans "have argued that suicides among transgender people are rare," which is just made-up nonsense.
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Accepting transgenderism as "normal" will only fuel more transgender suicides once victims realize the "transition" didn't heal their brokenness

The Times quoted a The City University of New York (CUNY) professor by the name of Ann Haas who claims the Danish study "offers a stark rebuttal to some of those political arguments suggesting suicide risk in these groups are [sic] exaggerated," as if this is somehow the most important revelation from the research.
"This is not a time to use data for any political recrimination," Haas went on to state, bizarrely.
Nobody is trying to argue that transgender suicides are rare. What they are trying to say is that transgenders want to harm or kill themselves at much higher rates than normal people because they are mentally ill and in need of counseling, therapy, and some kind of spiritual and mental reformation – and what they do not need is to just be "accepted" in their delusions.
By accepting transgenderism as normal, it only reinforces the myth that being born into the wrong body is a real thing. And once transgenders finish their "transition" and end up just the same as before, except now with a completely mutilated body, the regret kicks in and many of them decide to just end it because there is no going back.
The best thing society can do for transgenders is to remind them that what they suffer from is mental illness that requires treatment. If more transgenders were given the proper care to come out of identifying as such, they would have a much greater chance at survival and even happiness.
States that are banning the transgender mutilation of children are doing young people a favor, while those pushing it are producing permanently damaged people, many of whom will go postal later in life after realizing they made a huge mistake.
"The hypothesis that transgender people might kill themselves at rates far higher than the normal population because they are profoundly and deeply mentally – perhaps even spiritually and demonically – disturbed is left as a mental exercise for the astute reader," reports Revolver about the Times' dismally incorrect reporting on all this.
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