Trump-haters are driving support for Trump by blaming him for actions of a Trump-hater

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real mental disorder, and one of its effects is the blinding of the TDS-afflicted to the way their actions affect normal people.

October 29, 2018
By Thomas Lifson

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real mental disorder, and one of its effects is the blinding of the TDS-afflicted to the way their actions affect normal people. We’re seeing this play out following the murder of 11 Jewish worshipers in Pittsburgh at the hand of suspect who has been a critic of President Trump for favoring Israel. In what can only be described as delusional ranting, Trump haters took to the air yesterday blaming President Trump for the actions of a Trum-hater.
Two of the most ridiculous examples come from Jewish NeverTrump former conservatives. Max Boot, already showing signs of a mental crisis, took to air on CNN and made the absurd claim that political violence exists solely on the Left, as if Antifa doesn’t exist, and that Bernie Bro James Hodgkinson didn’t almost succeed in assassinating a critical mass of House Republicans.
Can we talk about this debate that crown both sides are guilty of fomenting this division. Do you think this is false equivalency?
Yes, I do think it’s a false equivalency. I’ve been critical of Democrats on some things. I don’t think it makes sense for Progressives to hound officials in restaurants. I don’t think we need Hillary Clinton saying we don’t need civility. You can’t speak about these in the same breath where the president is encouraging violence, when he’s talking about immigrants as being animals, when he is embracing nationalism in America first. This is an entirely different category. This is not just getting upset and protesting. This is going to a much darker place, and Republicans, you know, are trying this false equivalence after years of condemning false moral equivalence. That is exactly what they’re engaging in right now.

Boot is not the only NeverTrump of Jewish derivation to make a fool of himself. Jennifer Rubin, still masquerading as a “conservative blogger” for the Washington Post, claimed that Trump has embraced a “theme” of anti-Semitism in his speeches:
“Jennifer, but is it possible that it is incidental that Donald Trump doesn’t know the derivation of that term. He just doesn’t understand it when he says globalists it means something to anti-Semitic people?”
RUBIN: “I will not plumb the depths of Donald Trump’s mind, but I will say this. We have had 57 percent uptick in the last year in anti-Semitic hate crimes. The biggest meme, the biggest sort of theme in anti-Semitism is that Jews are outsiders. They are aliens, that you define a nation by Christianity, by whiteness. If you can believe it, they do not believe that Jews are white and that everyone else is alien. Everyone else is a threat. That true America is not all men are created equal, it is not an ideal, it is blood and soil. That’s what European right wing fascists have practiced for a long time. That same mentality, fear of outsiders, words like globalists, use of a billionaire Jewish donor Soros. You see that same language in hungry where George Soros is from, Poland and Italy. They use that same language and that same mentality. Nationalism is not patriotism. Nationalism goes hand in hand with anti-Semitism. The entire idea of anti-Semitism is to put Jews outside the definition of us. That’s what Donald Trump does. That’s his theme. That’s what his party is committed to doing. That comes back in every speech now he gives that comes back in the hysteria over immigration, which is actually at all-time lows. It demonetization of cities that are associated with Jews, that they are urban, crime-filled pits of wrongdoing and evil and cosmopolitanism. All of that is foreign. All of that is alien. And that’s the origin of anti-Semitism. So he can read off the cue cards fine. He reads without emotion, without feeling. He never speaks of pain within himself because I don’t think he feels pain within himself or recognizes pain within others. So kudos so whoever wrote those few lines. Well done. But I think he is entirely unsuited to the moment, and I am so personally touched by this incident. I only wish we had had a president to whom I could look for solace and comfort and leadership.”
Trump’s philo-Semitism is on display constantly. This claim is laughable. And it will backfire. Conservatives see this clearly, and warn (fruitlessly – TDS is a mental disorder). Howie Carr:
Can we please not talk about President Donald Trump for a day or so?
President Trump didn’t shoot up the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh yesterday. The alleged shooter hated Trump, thought he was a “globalist,” didn’t vote for him, never owned a MAGA hat. You could look it up.
Trump’s favorite daughter, Ivanka, converted to Judaism. Three of his grandchildren are Jewish. He handled his presidential duties well yesterday. But he was still getting blamed, by the people who are always ranting about getting in their faces, kicking ’em when they’re down, no civility until the Democrats are back in power and so forth ...
This isn’t about the First Amendment, or the Second. This is about nuts, and criminals, and why nothing is ever done about lunatics anymore until something like this happens. (snip)
By 4 o’clock yesterday, the usual suspects were trying to find some way to blame the president. OK, he handled his response very well yesterday, they grudgingly conceded, if they said anything about him at all, but what about the “alt-right,” the “radical right”? As if it was Republicans booing Israel, and God, at their convention, rather than the Democrats.
Kurt Schlichter offers more colorful advice:
You know, there's nothing that Normal Americans can identify with more than a guy living in a Ford panel van covered with Trump memes and soccer manifestoes who sends bombs that don't work to Democrats who support policies that don't work. Likewise, Normal people totally identify with – let me get the liberal narrative du jourright here – a Trump-hating freak who shoots up a synagogue. And I think it’s a terrific midterm strategy for our Democrat friends is to keep making that idiotic case. (extreme sarcasm for the benefit of the willfully obtuse)
The Official Media is in a frenzy explaining how Donald Trump personally instructed Kooky Weirdo de Florida to mail pipe bombs to washed up Dem hacks and that nameless garbage being in Pittsburgh via a series of cunningly encrypted dog whistles. “Make America Great Again” is apparently code for “Mail bombs!” Nothing says “Murder Jews” like moving the embassy to Jerusalem and ending the Iran deal.
Trump-haters, to put it another way, are in the process of offending basic decency.