Did I tell you yet that under leadership of our Commander and Chief, Barack Obama, piles of Holy Bibles were burned so as not to offend

U.S. Government on steroids as they kiss up to Islam and the Koran

- Dr. Laurie Roth
Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thank the Lord He has risen and it is a glorious Easter season yet again. Jews and Christians have much to celebrate this week. Our nation’s core, founding documents and history reflect our Christian traditions and faith. These values and beliefs have built up this nation to be the number 1 super power on earth. This week we celebrate our God and His amazing gifts to our world. Not all celebrate or protect these traditions as they should however.

Under the leadership of President Obama, our Commander and Chief, in Afghanistan, U.S. soldiers who were sent much desired Bibles from back home were ordered to burn them because they might inflame the natives, those fundamentalist or ‘devout’ Muslims. Since they were in a Muslim country it became military policy to burn them. It gets even better as the throw up swells in my mouth. Their policy is to burn trash and that is what the military labeled the Bible gifts as, trash.

Our soldiers have been ordered to handle the Koran as if it came down from on high. They are to use only clean gloves in view of the detainees when handling their Koran. In addition, they can’t just handle it with clean gloves but have to use two hands to show even more respect. Roger Kimball covers the insanity of this story in Pajamasmedia.com

Did I tell you yet that our troops were ordered to burn Holy Bibles given to them?

What does Obama do about our Christian heritage?

Though he has said he is a Christian, President Obama said in June 2007 to Turkish parliament that the USA was no longer a Christian nation. He also has said to the media that the USA is one of the largest Muslim nations.

What about our traditional National Day of Prayer?

Though Obama didn’t officially cancel the traditional, National Day of Prayer put into place in 1952 by President Truman, then designated again in 1988 by President Reagan, Obama canceled the 21st annual National Day of Prayer ceremony at the White House. He said he didn’t want to offend anyone. As far as I’m concerned that is insulting the people, our historical traditions and God.

We saw more slams against our Christian heritage by our President. A national day of prayer occurred all right…..it was just for the Muslims on Sep. 25, 2009, right next to the White House. Over 50,000 Muslims were in attendance. Isn’t that special?

Make sure when you handle the Koran you use two gloves and hold it properly. ‘Joe, stoke the fire will you? There are some pages of this Bible over here still readable and unburned.