The U.S. and Israeli war agenda will bring the world into an economic DOOM LOOP, Andy Schectman warns Mike Adams

11/05/2023 // Belle Carter // 5.2K Views

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President and owner of Miles Franklin Precious Metals, Andy Schectman, appeared on a recent episode of the "Health Ranger Report" to discuss with Brighteon founder Mike Adams the economic consequences of the escalating conflict involving Israel and the militant group Hamas in the Middle East.
According to reports, Israel's military is expanding its operations in the Gaza Strip but has avoided calling it a "ground invasion" despite sending tanks into the territory and this was done by design, security analysts said. Citing a report by the Wall Street Journal, Adams said that the United States and Israel have jointly decided to delay Israel's full-scale ground assault so that the U.S. military can position anti-air defense systems to get them up and running, which he said may take about another week.
"This tells me that the U.S. is anticipating very profound escalations of rocket attacks from Hezbollah in particular, and possibly medium-range ballistic missiles from Iran," the Health Ranger said and proceeded to enquire with Schectman, a licensed financial advisor, the possible chain reaction of world events once the invasion starts.
For the precious metals company CEO, this triggers a scary thought. "I think that the conflict could very quickly escalate into a regional war as the United States is becoming directly involved," he said, adding that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) that are directly opposed to the U.S. and Israeli agenda may respond with some sort of an oil embargo. He also forecasted a spike in energy prices and as it goes higher, a much higher inflation can be anticipated and the "default" central banks' response to this "then creates a domino effect that would come in various forms." The finance expert also said that the financial markets in the banking sector react inversely to escalating interest rates.

"Much of this is a doom loop… the petrodollar trade collapses and hyperinflation emerges. There's your ‘Operation Sandman’ moment. And this is not hyperbole," he further cautioned. (Related: Reserve Bank of Australia Gov. Michelle Bullock: Israel-Hamas conflict may contribute to oil price increase and global inflation.)
Adams concurred and said that Yemen has been calling for an energy embargo and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to dedicate his military forces to kinetically engage Israel if it does not stop the bombing of Gaza. "We are seeing escalation talk now that is about to translate into reality. And Israel itself is going to be under severe attack. It's quite clear by now that the U.S., as we know, has long wanted to escalate this to attack Iran. But is it possible that the U.S. and Israel are miscalculating the capabilities of the Arab nations that surround Israel that have engaged in a lot of development? Iran has hypersonic missiles and they can also receive other missiles from Russia."
Schectman answered that there's always the possibility of miscalculation and this is something that could turn very dirty very quickly. He added that in the span of the last year, Iran joined not only the BRICS nations but also the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which is the largest regional military and financial organization on the planet. "This is something that not only could be easily miscalculated in terms of the impact of aggression and war but also terms of the financial and economic impact. It could get very dangerous if all of these OPEC countries decide they are done taking dollars for oil. At that moment, not only are you fighting two wars, but you're watching simultaneously a collapse of your economy, dollar and markets, and interest rates spike. It's the wrong time for the U.S. to have to go through something like that.”
Also, the West has been pressuring the SWIFT system to cut off Russia from international dollar-denominated transactions as a sanction for its invasion of Ukraine. It is also stealing Russia's $300 billion-plus in dollar-denominated assets in Western central banks, the podcast host pointed out. Now the non-western nations striving towards de-dollarization and steering clear of USD transactions, these countries reached a moment where they're fed up with dollar weaponization, central banks, and money printing. It may be painful to switch, Adams said, but "they have their foot in the water already doing oil trades in rubles, rupees or yuan."
Miles Franklin CEO: The U.S. is under the illusion that economy is okay

At one point in the show, Adams asked for an update on the status of the banking system as well as demand for tangible assets following the October 7 Hamas attack.
"It's been a very somewhat of an eerily quiet time," Schectman replied pertaining to precious metals gold and silver. "The demand is still outrageous, but not what I would expect it to be. Yet there's still this illusion or this feeling in the United States that everything will always be okay.
He further revealed that some of the wealthiest families in America are now terrified. "They're afraid of the dollar. They're afraid of the banking system. They're afraid of the markets. They're afraid of the instability," he disclosed. "Let's look at the bond market, for example, a lot of these very wealthy families have very large bond positions. And over the last three years, the bond portfolios that they have, in retrospect, will be the worst-performing bond market rally in history. Over the last three years, the 10-year Treasury is down 50 percent and increasing."
He explained that the rich are watching their wealth evaporate and they're being told that the banks aren't safe. They don't want to go into the stock market. Real estate is overvalued and rates are rising. There's an awakening by people, not the mainstream yet. Maybe the people at that level of wealth even though they employe money managers, they pay a little closer attention than most people do with a little more time on their hands, he said.
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The U.S. and Israeli war agenda will bring the world into an economic DOOM LOOP, Andy Schectman warns Mike Adams –