UBS Bank fraud allegations reveal ties to Democratic politicians including Obama and the Clinton Crime Family

Friday, December 18, 2020 by: JD Heyes

(Natural News) By now, most Americans with a functioning brain stem know that Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, both Democrats, were two of the most scandalous, corrupt presidents ever elected.

Or, if we believe attorney Sidney Powell, maybe they really weren’t — maybe voting machine software designed to steal elections led to their victories.
But as corrupt as those two are, there is someone who beats them hands-down: Professional political grifter Hillary Clinton.
From First Lady to carpet-bagger U.S. senator from New York to Obama’s secretary of state to two-time failed presidential contender, Hillary Clinton is among the most corrupt politicians ever to darken the halls of power.
NTD News reports:
UBS bank has been brought to court several times over tax fraud in Europe and the United States. The lawsuits revealed that the bank’s allies include top US political figures.
Stephanie Gibaud organized events for UBS Bank’s wealthiest clients. She was at the core of the networking strategy of the company.
In 2012, she left the bank as a whistleblower.
Her testimony played a major role last year when France convicted UBS for organizing tax fraud for its clients and fined the company a historic $4.5 billion.
France’s treasury minister even took part in the bank’s tax fraud schemes, the outlet reported.
Back in 2014, Gibaud requested to be heard by American courts as part of legal actions against Raoul Weil, the third-highest ranking official at UBS in Switzerland as well as a managing director of UBS Wealth Management.
Not content with his large salary, Weil is believed to have been the mastermind behind a tax evasion scheme involving more than 20,000 U.S. citizens and some $20 billion in 2008.
Weil was also a close association of Robert Wolf, a former chairman and CEO of UBS Americas who served as an economic adviser to President Obama.
Now, enter Hillary: According to NTD, as Obama’s secretary of state, she helped UBS settle a tax fraud case with the Internal Revenue Service in 2009 shortly after taking her post.
Ask yourself this question: How does a secretary of state get involved in settling allegations of tax fraud against a foreign bank? She’s the nation’s top diplomat, not the Treasury secretary or head of the Justice Department.
It’s likely that Clinton was doing what she is suspected of having done early and often while at her post: Trolling for donations.
An article published by The Wall Street Journal noted that donations made by UBS to the Clinton Foundation dramatically increased after Hillary ‘helped’ settle the tax evasion case. In addition, UBS Wealth Management paid Bill Clinton handsomely to give speeches that you know were just edge-of-seat events (not).
It’s great work if you can get it: UBS paid Bill Clinton half-a-million dollars apiece for each speech. That meant UBS was one of his most lucrative speech sources after leaving the White House (flat broke thanks to legal fees from all his scandals).
Gibaud notes that UBS has a tight circle of global friends — world leaders including some from Communist China, as well as top U.S. political leaders like the Obamas and the Clintons. (Related: Cronyism, political donations explain Obama and Holder’s failure to charge top Wall Street bankers.)
And you thought that those evil Republicans were ‘the party of the rich.’ Turns out just the opposite was true.
In the end, however, Gibaud’s efforts to bring some justice to a lawless United States worked about as well as the Justice Department under Trump, at trying to bring the ‘Russian collusion’ conspirators in Obama’s administration to account.
“Gibaud also said that despite her attempts, neither the media nor the Department of Justice has used her testimony to investigate UBS’s wealthiest clients in the United States,” NTD News reported.
Nothing has changed in the four years since President Trump pledged to drain the swamp. Not that he didn’t try, and not that he didn’t get a scalp here or there.
But for the most part, his effort was like a battle of the Civil War ironclad warships: A lot of shots fired, but very little damage done.
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UBS Bank fraud allegations reveal ties to Democratic politicians including Obama and the Clinton Crime Family –