ULTIMATE BIOWEAPON: Despite all the DISTRACTIONS, the pandemic was always about getting as many humans “vaccinated” as possible

05/15/2024 // S.D. Wells // 90 Views

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The pandemic end game was always about injecting the masses with the ultimate depopulation bioweapon of the globalists – mRNA "vaccines." Forget about the torture of lockdowns, the brain-suffocating masks, the society-crippling social distancing mandates, because it was, is and always will be about getting people injected with millions of forever-prions. Who's distracted? Who got so caught up in the frenzy, that they actually agreed to the most dangerous medical experiment in the history of Western Medicine?Meet the mRNA-bioweapon disguised as a vaccine

Talk about camouflage. The mRNA so-called "vaccine" (which does NOT qualify as one) was planned to infect the entire human body with toxic spike prions that bind together using nanotechnology, clog the vascular system, pollute the cleansing organs, strain the heart, freak out the immune system, disrupt the central nervous system, and destroy any fetus. It gets worse.
What if you had "free medical coverage" to help you pay for the treatments you will need after being injected with the "technological" formula that tricks your cells into producing millions of toxic, virus-mimicking prions? Does that sound like a good deal? It's like telling people to shoot themselves in the foot with a shotgun, and then any medical work they need to help recover from the injury is covered. Sounds great, right? Where is the end of the line for that?
Today's war gas chambers are bioweapons disguised as vaccines. Today's nuclear war isn't nuclear at all, but it's likely to give you cancer, and a heart attack too, by using spike proteins to trick your body into malfunctioning, forever. How many years does each Covid jab remove from human existence? Is it decades? Did you know that since the Wuhan jab rollout, cancer rates are skyrocketing? What "standard of care" helps fight cancer that's invading every part of your body via every blood vessel?
End game was, is and always will be about "vaccinating" as many sheeple as possible

What more insidious way could there ever be to absolutely wipe out the majority of earth's population than with a "medicine" that 70 percent of the populace believes is one hundred percent "safe and effective"? At least 7 of every 10 humans that walk the earth right now think that vaccines are the best way to stay alive, prevent viral infections and keep pandemics from spreading. Nearly every one of these same people believe in climate change also, because… "science."
Although there is ZERO science proving mRNA vaccines prevent or lessen the impact of Covid-19, these sheeple have been brainwashed by falsified, globalist-funded 'research' and the fake news media complex. The same goes for "global warming," which had to be changed to "climate change" when all the NASA-faked statistics got revealed for what they really are. The temperature graph got cherry-picked for the past 100 years, but none of the sheeple had a look at the 1,000-year graph, or the 10,000 year graph, that shows earth is actually in a slow cooling phase. Oops.
The globalist end game is to bankrupt America's middle class, infect them all with millions of deadly prions yearly, and replace them all with illegal immigrants from around the world. Get ready for the United Banana Republic of America, because that's where this is all directly headed. Have you been sucked in by the Covid jab cult or the climate change cult? Don't drink the Koolaid.
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ULTIMATE BIOWEAPON: Despite all the DISTRACTIONS, the pandemic was always about getting as many humans “vaccinated” as possible – NaturalNews.com