UPS employees and Members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Union Thugs Force Members to Attack FedEx

By Warner Todd Huston
Monday, August 10, 2009

UPS employees and Members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters are claiming that their union leaders forced them to participate in a letter writing campaign and politically motivated envelope stuffing sessions to attack their chief business rival FedEx, the Washington Post reported on August 7.

It seems that union members that work for UPS felt pressured and intimidated by union thug leaders to take their personal time to participate in envelope stuffing sessions where mailings attacking FedEx were gathered and set up for the post office.

Naturally, the union operatives claim that that all the union members that felt forced to participate in the envelope stuffing sessions were happy volunteers. However…

But Internet sites dedicated to UPS-related discussions feature dozens of accounts from anonymous employees who in recent weeks have said they were forced to write the letters or felt they would be punished for not doing so. Such tactics could run afoul of both labor laws and lobbying disclosure requirements, according to legal experts.

Senator Lamar Alexander’s office (R, Tenn) is saying that they are being contacted by many union members complaining of being forced to work for the union disinformation campaign. One fellow even claimed he quit UPS after being forced to stuff envelopes.

Scott Dennis, one of those who contacted FedEx by e-mail, said in an interview that he was working as a part-time loader at a UPS facility in Greensboro, N.C. last month when he says he was pulled into a room with other employees and told to write letters in support of the legislation. Instead, he said, he wrote a letter critical of government intervention and quit in disgust a week later.

What we have here are the normal, thug tactics by union bosses forcing members to do the union’s bidding despite what members want to do. Unions are not for the members, they are for the bosses. What members want is immaterial to the bosses agenda. The myth that unions care about the little guy is one of the worst myths ever created by left wing politics.