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    UNREAL: Starting to Look Like Thad Cochran’s Vote Tally Was Cheated, Cochran Campaign

    UNREAL: Starting to Look Like Thad Cochran’s Vote Tally Was Cheated, Cochran Campaign Trying to Get Counties to Help Him Win Anyway

    By Eric Odom
    14 11:40 pm June 26, 2014

    While the GOP establishment applauds their liberal win with incumbent Thad Cochran, the rest of us are looking at what is likely massive illegal voter fraud across the state. In fact, it’s beginning to look like enough votes can be considered illegal to overturn Cochran’s Democrat assisted win.
    Here’s the scoop… Cochran allegedly won by a few thousand votes. As many as 35,000 votes were Democrats who Cochran convinced to vote in the GOP primary. Mississippi law demands that anyone who votes in a primary cannot vote in a second primary. In other words, if you voted in the Democrat primary you cannot then also vote in the Republican primary. But one group has found as many as 800 crossover voters in one county alone!
    The Mississippi Tea Party President says they’ve found evidence that nearly 800 voters crossed over in Tuesday’s runoff election that should not have been allowed to vote Republican.
    However, Hinds County GOP Chairman Pete Perry says there are some precincts where he knows workers marked the wrong column and that could account for at least 200 of those being cited by the Tea Party.
    Members of McDaniel’s campaign staff and some supporters began sorting through voter books on Thursday morning at the Hinds County courthouse.
    They were looking for any “irregularities”.
    In Hinds County, poll workers used the Democratic primary books for the GOP runoff in an attempt to prevent crossover voters.
    However, the group from McDaniel’s camp is still searching those records to try to find anyone who voted as a Democrat on June 3rd and with the GOP on the 24th (the runoff.)
    Let’s say just 75% of those turn out to be illegal. That would still be 600 illegal votes in one county alone!
    As if that isn’t ugly enough, Cochran’s campaign is trying to work the GOP into a corner and force them to help him cheat.
    Via Gateway Pundit.
    The Cochran campaign is reportedly asking county clerks not to certify the voting rolls until the last day possible so that the McDaniel people will not be able to look at the rolls and challenge them.
    The GOP already wrongfully sided with liberal Senator Cochran and attacked the conservative challenger in the primary. Are they now going to ignore illegal votes and try and help Cochran illegally win?
    We’ll keep an eye on this one and let you know when we have updates.
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    Mississippi GOP in Hot Water for Election Fraud

    in News, Videos / by Brandon Walker / on June 27, 2014 at 10:16 pm

    It seems there may be enough evidence to overturn a Mississippi GOP election for fraud and snatch the victory from Thad Cochran. There’s more than enough evidence to land him in hot water.

    This flyer was handed out by Thad Cochran’s staff. It has been photographed and submitted into evidence in a growing case of election fraud by GOP incumbent Thad Cochran. It also seems he illegally had Democrats voting in the Republican primary.
    We even have Facebook posts from individuals admitting to the news media that they are registered Democrats voting in the Republican primary.
    J. Christian Adams, a Former DOJ Attorney for the civil rights division, said a law prevents people from voting in the primary for candidates they don’t intend to support in the general election.
    The Mississippi law Adams cites, MS Code 23-15-575, states: “No person shall be eligible to participate in any primary election unless he intends to support the nominations made in which he participates.”
    Yet there are 25,000 to 35,000 individuals that willingly broke the law due to flyers and campaign ads by Cochran that border on slander and defamation of character. Chis McDaniel had no plans to stop anyone from voting, regardless of color. The advertisement and flyer campaign is fraud, according to Mississippi law.
    There were 800 invalidated votes in Hinds County alone. The GOP chair stated that he had to hand at least 200 to the Teaparty if they were recounted.
    In another county they found 1000 ineligible votes. They also conducted an interview where they displayed two of the despicable and slanderous flyers and the “robocall” that ran to Democrats in the Mississippi areas to cross over and “stop the Tea Party.”

    There are instances of voter intimidation on the part of Cochran as well.
    I just spoke with Lori Medina who is working with Real Conservative National Committee PAC in Mississippi this week. The McDaniel Campaign is targeting 10 counties where they think they can overturn the election results.
    Lorie described one precinct where a “little sixteen year-old blonde female” McDaniel supporter was holding a sign and older men would drive by and threaten her. Several other volunteers were also harassed by Cochran supporters.
    There was no information online on where to go vote. One county would only give the name of the buildings where they were voting but not the address to the McDaniel supporters. Many churches lined up in support of Cochran and told McDaniel supporters they could not hold signs on the property because they didn’t want to look biased. One church said McDaniel voters would have to leave because they were holding a funeral.
    Lorie added, “I have never witnesses such overt out in the open fraud along with extreme ignorance. For the first time in my life I was speechless.” ~The Gateway Pundit

    There are actual pictures on Facebook of the election showing blatant voter fraud.


    Kim Wade

    · Yesterday at 3:02pm · Edited ·

    I have been at the Hinds County Court house this morning.
    Here's a page from Hinds County voter roll book.
    The column on the left is where the voter voted in Democrat primary on June 3rd 2014.
    The column on the right is where that same voter voted in the Republican run off on June 24th 2014.
    This is patently illegal!
    The problem is the Hinds County Republican Party in my opinion is dragging its feet in allowing access to "all" the voter information in a timely fashion to complete the audit.
    It appears they are trying to run the clock out and certify the election results on Monday of next week preventing Chris McDaniel from completing an audit of the vote.
    Please call the GOP at 6019485191 fax 6013540972 email ask that they have an impartial member of the Hinds County Republican Committee oversee the audit, certification instead of the present county chairman.
    Hinds County chair Pete Perry is wearing too many hats and can't be impartial or fair.
    In addition, ask Joe Nosef to ask the Republican county chairs across the state to hold off certification until a audit can be completed
    Please repost and share.

    If there isn’t an issue with the voting as the GOP Mississippi chair claims, then why are 9 counties ducking the law of Mississippi?

    Yet 9 counties are violating the statute put in place to prevent voter fraud by not allowing the documentation to be viewed.
    Lindsay Krout, a volunteer working in Mississippi, was barred from reviewing voter rolls in Lafayette County Mississippi Friday morning. ~Gateway Pundit
    She was told it was so they could redact SSN numbers and addresses, even though it is illegal to withhold the documentation from review.
    Meanwhile the Governor of Mississippi is wanting to certify the election Monday, despite the ample evidence of tampering, fraud, voter intimidation, and withholding evidence.
    If the 25,000 to 35,000 are stricken from the roles, as required by Mississippi law, then the narrow 6500 disappears. What’s more important is that all those votes were for the GOP incumbent, meaning that McDaniel is the legitimate candidate for the Republican Party by a decent margin.
    It can also land the workers trying to cover up this mess that has became the election in jail. This could also land Cochran in hot water legally.
    We’ll see if anyone is persecuted to the full extent of the law, as they should be.
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